Get Your Body Moving

Though often underrated, some of the best exercises are performed using nothing more than our own bodyweight. Many of you reading this may not have access to a full commercial gym, or if you do you might just struggle to find the time in your busy life to make it there on a regular basis. This is no reason to prevent you from getting in a solid workout within your time and equipment constraints.

We want to take you through an entire workout focused on taking advantage of the one piece of equipment you will never be without – your own body! Below we go over six different exercises including a progression and a regression for each. These variations are designed to increase and decrease the difficulty of the movement, respectively.

If you are just starting out we encourage you to try performing each exercise on its own, resting 1 to 2 minutes in-between each set before advancing to the next exercise (try doing 3 sets of each). If you want to make this more challenging and really ramp up your heart rate, try combining these exercises into a circuit by performing one after another until you complete all six exercises before resting 2 minutes. This circuit can be done as many times through as you want, but we suggest aiming for 3 to 4 rounds.