Athletes from different sports get influenced by a number of skin diseases. Some of these skin issues are capable of spreading and infecting the whole community, which makes them a matter of great concern. Athletic activities that are considered at greater threat include combat sports like wrestling. Such infections can be caused by a virus, fungus or bacteria. These skin contaminations can be passed through skin-to-skin contact or simply by coming in contact with an object that has been used by an infected person.

The possibility of close contact with teammates increases an athletes chances of having skin troubles. Another factor that contributes to this includes open skin lesions, poor hygiene and sharing of personal items. An athlete must inspect any sudden change on his or her body regularly. The change can be a rash, itching, painful wound, or swollen or reddish skin. All athletes should report such skin status to their coach, trainer or other health care providers without taking part in games. For athletes and coaches, it is important to understand the type of infection as some infections can still be passed after covering skin.

Remember prevention of a skin condition is simpler than the treatment. Infections shouldn’t be a reason for tension for those who use proper safety and practice best hygiene methods. Even in present time major issue in sports is lack of education about preventing skin infections. Facts says most types of skin infections in athletes are extremely minor and only become a serious if untreated.


Evie Dawson –