People have had difficulty accessing health care facilities in recent years, either due to regional barriers or cost-related factors. Those issues have now been resolved by better information and communication technology, making it easier to obtain healthcare at a time and location convenient for you. Those people living in rural and undeveloped areas have benefited significantly from this technological advancement. Our facility has a team of specialists who offer telemedicine in Morris Plains. To enjoy the services and seek digital healthcare services, call or book online.

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the use of ICT to provide healthcare services to patients at a distance. Telemedicine entails providing medical care services through video chat. It is intended to break geographical barriers to improve healthcare services by ensuring that the doctors provide clinical support to the patients.

What are the benefits of telemedicine to patients?

  • Improved access to services – There those people who are geographically isolated, and some are unable to go to the hospital due to disabilities. Telemedicine helps in this situation.
  • Reduction in costs – Telemedicine minimizes expenses such as commuting expenses and saving on time spent in the hospital.
  • Telemedicine offers preventive care, especially for people who face geographical barriers as they can access care at the comfort of their homes, improving their lifespan.
  • Telemedicine is convenient, as people can access it at any time without much hustle. One doesn’t have to travel to the hospital or take off from work to get medication.
  • Telemedicine reduces the spread of infections as there is minimal physical contact. Many people who visit the hospital may carry contagious diseases, and therefore any contact with them increases the chances of being sick. Telemedicine takes care of this challenge.

What are the benefits of telemedicine for healthcare providers?

  • There is less exposure to illness and infections as they provide the services remotely, minimizing contact with the patient.
  • Telemedicine acts as an additional revenue stream, as it is not time-consuming and allows them to provide more services to many patients
  • Telemedicine provides adequate satisfaction to patients as they receive care in the comfort of their homes, making them happier with their provider.
  • Offering telemedicine services allows the providers to minimize their expenses since they don’t have to invest in extra office space or support services.

Telemedicine is helpful in different conditions, such as situations where a patient doesn’t require tests like laboratory tests, x-rays, or physical examination. Telemedicine is convenient for patients who cannot access the hospital and those who prefer to stay at home due to anxiety or chronic conditions. Some of the conditions that can use telemedicine include;

  • Coughs
  • Fever
  • Food poisoning
  • Cold and Flu
  • Asthma

During a telemedicine appointment, the doctor will engage with you and review your medical records for your history. Depending on your symptoms, the provider formulates a care plan on what to follow for your treatment exercise.

If you experience a health problem and can not manage to access a healthcare facility; or you don’t want to visit the hospital physically, do not hesitate to contact Live urgent care. They have a team of specialists ready to offer you telemedicine services. Call or book online for an appointment.