Jump ropes have been around a long time. In fact, researchers believe that it originated in Egypt in around 1600 BC. To this day the jump rope is one of the best forms of workouts a person can do. There are plenty of reasons why people use a jump rope including:

One of the best things about working out with a jump rope is that most people find it enjoyable. There are lots of other workout equipment available on the market that people don’t like using. Finding equipment that you enjoy using will help motivate you to exercise more frequently. Getting excited about working out is half the battle and it encourages people to exercise more frequently. 

Another advantage is the cost of a jump rope. A lot of gym equipment and other Fitness Accessories can cost a pretty penny, but jump ropes are affordable. You can purchase a state-of-the-art weighted jump rope for less than $20. Unlike other accessories, they are very convenient. They don’t take up much space in a bag, making it ideal to travel with. 

Jump Ropes are Great for people who don’t have a lot of Free Time

For many of us, time isn’t always on our side so going to the gym or going outdoors for a jog might not be possible. For those who don’t have a lot of free time, a jump rope is an ideal solution. Exercising with a jump rope can take less than ten minutes. Finding a place to use the jump rope is easy, all you have to make sure is that you have enough space

To master a lot of exercise equipment you have to know a lot about them to use them properly. Jump ropes on the other hand are simple to use. You don’t have to spend hours examining it and researching it online to get the most out of it. You can easily do a full-body workout in a short space of time. 

Other Benefits of Using a Jump Rope

There are plenty of other reasons why jump ropes are still a popular exercising accessory to this day including:

  • Great calf muscle workout: A lot of people who go to the gym avoid doing leg workouts. However, people who want to increase their muscle mass by exercising their legs increase their testosterone levels. If you need to give your testosterone a boost, a jump rope could help.
  • Rarely get injured: For those who exercise frequently, there is nothing worse than sustaining an injury while working out. A bad injury could stop them from exercising for weeks, sometimes months, so using equipment where there is very little risk of injury is key. Although it is possible to get injured while using a jump rope, it is highly unlikely. 
  • Boost metabolism: For those who want to lose weight and boost their metabolism, a jump rope is a great tool to have. 
  • Tricks: The more you get used to using the jump rope, the better chance you have of being able to do different tricks with it. Not only is being able to do tricks on a jump rope fun, trying to perfect them can motivate you to exercise more often. 
  • Warm-up: Before you go to the gym or perform any form of physical exercise, to reduce the risk of sustaining an injury, warming up first is crucial. A jump rope is used by people all around the globe to warm up their body and their muscles before they start their workout session. 

Jump ropes are used by all different types of people. From the average person trying to increase their fitness to the world’s best athletes, like professional boxers trying to improve their endurance and agility.

Jump Ropes for Newbies

If you are new to using a jump rope, there are a few basic steps that you need to know before you start your workout session. Understanding the fundamentals of how to use a jump rope will help you get the most out of it. Following these steps will also help you avoid getting injured while using the device. 

To start out, here is a basic exercise that you can try. This basic jump rope workout only takes five minutes. 

  1. 30 seconds of basic jumps
  2. 30 seconds of alternating your feet while jumping
  3. 30 seconds break. This is important when you are starting out to avoid sustaining an injury.
  4. Again, 30 seconds of alternating your feet while jumping
  5. 30 seconds break. 

If you have the energy once the first workout is complete, continue with the following:

  1. 30 seconds of alternating your feet while jumping
  2. 60 seconds break
  3. 40 seconds basic jumps
  4. Rest for 20 seconds
  5. 40 seconds of alternating your feet while jumping
  6. 20 seconds rest

In your first session, avoid pushing yourself in case you get injured, however, if you feel fine give it a go, it takes in total approximately 11 minutes. Resting in the middle of your workouts is important not only to avoid injury but to help you gain muscle too. Over time, your body will adapt and you will be able to go for longer periods, but in the first few sessions ease yourself into it. Getting used to the technique is very important, and this way you will see the best results. 

Should you warm-up Before you Use a Jump Rope

As discussed earlier, sustaining an injury for those who frequently work out can prove disastrous. To avoid pulling a hamstring or tearing a muscle, warming up is vital. Those who avoid warming up before exercising or playing sports regularly get injured. Although a lot of people use a jump rope to work out, it’s best if you warm up your body before using the jump rope for an intense workout.

Before using the jump rope, do plenty of stretching, especially in your legs and arms. Loaded calf raises are a great example because you will be putting a lot of pressure on your calves while using the jump rope. Jumping jacks is another exercise that will help warm up your muscles before you start your jump rope session. Consider doing approximately 10-20 jumping jacks before you start. Although many people struggle to do burpees, it would be great to do 15 before you start to use the jump rope. If you are unable to successfully do burpees, just do 10 squats instead. 


Many people who are new to exercising with gym equipment often find the whole process overwhelming. Some of the machines and accessories at a gym are complicated to use and if you don’t use them correctly you might sustain a serious injury. 

Although most gyms have jump ropes for their clients to use, purchasing a jump rope yourself allows you to have a full-body workout whenever you please. Once you improve your jump rope technique, don’t be afraid to mix up your routine. For example, consider adding planks, mountain climbers and freestyle jumps to each session. Avoid doing the same routine each day. By mixing things up you have a better chance of increasing your muscle mass and your overall fitness levels.