Habits make or break your skin. So how do we resolve the issue to make your skin healthy.. The rule is simple and everyone must follow it – develop some good habits and have a beautiful glowing skin. But unfortunately  most of us are unaware of  those bad habits. eventually effecting our skin and so our life. Check out the list below to know more:


Smoking is a bad habit not only for your body but also for the health of your skin. Too much smoking makes it leathery, dry and rough. A smoker develops wrinkles way earlier than non-smokers. This is bad for people around too. They too can develop wrinkles faster than others. Shun smoking and start breathing exercises to make your skin look younger for long.


The most popular adult drink is the most harmful drink for the skin as it has the ability to dehydrate it immensely. The moisture-deficieny due to alcohol leads to wrinkle formation making you look older. Instead of adding alcohol to the body, think of anti aging juices. These keep your skin healthy and wrinkles at bay.

Not Exfoliating

One loses nearly a million of skin cells in a day with  30,000 to 40,000 falling off every hour and new cells being generated continuously. This is where your skin care should take off from. With no regular exfoliation, our skin starts looking dull and flaky. Follow a routine to remove the dead cells. This will ensure that your skin looks radiant and glowing. Over exfoliation too is a bad habit. This can cause breakouts and worsen natural oil production.

Hot showers

You always find a reason to take hot showers. After a long hectic day, the only thing that you  believe provides relief is a hot shower. Hot shower rinses off natural oils from our body leaving it dry and parched. Instead of this, one must shower with lukewarm water, if its cold outside and cold water if its hot outside.

Eating unhealthy food

Nothing kills your skin more than your love for fast food and and other not so healthy choices in food. These do not provide nutrition to the body and also lead to skin issues like acne, unevenness, dryness and more. To deal with these skin problems, the easiest way out is to eat healthy foods like fruits and veggies. These contain antiaging antioxidants making your skin  young and radiant. You should also drink antiaging juices that can be prepared with these antiaging fruits and veggies.

Not using sun protection in the right manner

Sun is the harshest external element of all that damages your skin. It is often seen that people use sun screen lotions or creams only once a day. This is absolutely wrong. One needs to re-apply it after every three to four hours. Also, not applying it on the cloudy days is lethal. Skin care is needed even when you see clouds in the sky. Sun’s rays are still capable of reaching your skin and cause the damage.

Applying wrong products on your skin

Every person has a different skin type and so are its needs. Using wrong products can develop skin issues that were not there in the first place. One should buy skincare products as per his/her skin type.

I hope this article has educated you enough about the mistakes. Correct them if you are making any and have a healthy younger-looking, smooth and soft skin.

Author Bio

Emily Kristina is a skin expert by profession. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with people. She regularly contributes her write ups to health or skin care related websites. You can follow her on Twitter @EmilyKristina1