The keto diet is one of the most famous diets due to the way it works and its benefits on health. Namely, the keto diet puts your body in a state of ketosis, when your body has no carbs to produce energy, so it starts using fats instead. Also, it doesn’t forbid lots of foods, such as other diets. In fact, it allows you to eat foods like vegetables, milk, meat, seeds and nuts, and some fruits. It even allows you to eat snacks and sweets, such as the keto strawberry shake.

But, as with every diet, this one may be difficult for following, especially at the beginning. And, that’s when most people give up. In order not to happen that to you, here are some hacks for easier keto diet.

Choose the right type of keto diet

There are several types of the keto diet, such as vegan keto diet, vegetarian keto diet, or lazy keto diet. Some of them are less strict than the others, so we suggest you pick the least strict one to adjust to it. Moreover, it will be easier to follow and will put your body in ketosis in the least stressful way.

Make a plan to follow

Plans, like shopping lists, are the best way to organize yourself and know what to do. They also help you know what to do in certain situations, such as events, when you are hungry and there are no keto-friendly meals. Having a plan means being prepared for everything, so you don’t starve or stay thirsty.

Have a list of the products you can and can’t eat

Similarly to plans, Do and Don’t lists are a great way to make your diet easier. Having a list of the products you can and can’t eat is a simple and effective way to start and stick to your diet. Plus, you don’t have to worry about ingredients or counting calories and carbs.

Try intermittent fasting first

Trying intermittent fasting first will prepare your body for the coming changes. It’s a good pre-dieting choice because the calorie restrictions last only 14-16 hours a day (including sleeping time). Plus, your body will break the extra fats stored and use it as energy during the fasting.

Drink bulletproof coffee

Keto diet allows drinking black coffee because it has no carbs in it. So, you can still enjoy your wake up drink in the morning. Moreover, you can drink bulletproof coffee instead of breakfast or as a snack when you have hunger episodes.

This coffee is better than you can imagine. To make it, you combine black coffee with butter, MCT oil, stevia, and Ceylon cinnamon. It’s not only delicious but also super-nutritious.

Replace regular products with their healthy versions

Sometimes you don’t need to give up your favourite foods, but just replace them with their healthy versions. Hence, instead of rice, you can use cauliflower rice and instead of pasta, you can use veggie pasta. Also, you can continue making pizza, snacks and desserts just by replacing the regular flour with coconut or almond flour and using keto-friendly ingredients.

Prepare your own meals

Temptation can be a great enemy, especially when on a diet. Hence, you will find sustaining on the keto diet more difficult if you are surrounded by food that’s not keto-approved. That usually happens when having lunch in a restaurant or some events because most of the meals offered aren’t on the Can Eat list. In order to avoid the temptation of trying non-keto food, you should prepare your meals at home and take them with you wherever you go. If you want to make that easier, you can have a weekly plan and know what to prepare each day for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

All of this hacks will make your keto diet easier to follow and sustain. But, you also need to be disciplined, determined, and motivated. So, focus on your goals and its health benefits instead of the diet itself. Moreover, try to balance your life by being active, have enough sleep, rest, and being positive. In that way, the keto diet will help you achieve overall wellness.