Moving from one apartment/hostel to another feels like a dreary task. Nobody likes to lift heavy packages or drag them when they are too heavy. And those who rush and lift the weight the wrong way can easily injure themselves.

Even if you’re storing your contents in a storage house, you might still have to do the moving work yourself. However, there are storage services that pick from your place and you don’t have to do anything, just like ByStored in storage Portsmouth.

But, do you know you can convert your move steps into healthy and safe exercise actions by following some hacks?

Ah, I see, you are curious… let’s find out what those hacks are!

Prepare Small, Lightweight Packages

So many people see lifting content at the time of moving as an opportunity for a workout, but they overstress their bodies. Your body has limits and once it steps over those, chances of injuries are increased.

To make it fun and easy, prepare small and lightweight packages that you can easily lift. If you are using packing boxes, make sure they are strong enough to withstand the weight (You don’t want something heavy to fall right on your toe and leave you on a bed for several days.)

Squat When Gathering Small Contents

There are several benefits of squatting, and it’s one of the easiest workouts that take less time. Yet, for some reason, not many people can practice it regularly. But when you are collecting small contents from the floor, this brings an opportunity to squat easily.

Instead of bending down while standing to lift anything, you can squat. Squat as many times as you collect something from the floor. Even if you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy workouts, you will see it as fun.

Stretch As Much As You Can

Now it’s obvious that not all the content will be on the ground. Some will be up in the cabinets, while some might be over them. The same is true for cupboards. You can turn this process into a stretching workout by reaching out to the contents by hand, not using any object to gather them.

There are several stretches that you can perform during the moving process of your contents or the entire furniture. Some of them are:

●    Cobra stretch

●    Neck stretch

●    Shoulder stretch

●    Side stretch

Perform Calf Stretches When Pushing Contents

Though if you hire cheap The Self Storage Outlet, you won’t have to do it yourself. But if you have opted for a service that requires you to transport the contents, you will have to do the work yourself.

When pushing bulky contents, you can perform calf stretches. Even if you have hired laborers for this job, you might assist them with the lifting or pushing of large contents.

This brings an opportunity for calf stretching that can prevent injury to the ankle and the many little muscles that help stabilize the ankle and the possibility of tearing your Achilles.

Gently Life Contents, Don’t Jerk

The key to healthy and safe exercise actions is following the right workout procedures. When lifting weight, some of us tend to jerk instead of gently getting our hands under it and gradually lifting it.

The jerk-and-lift approach leads to painful back and shoulder injuries, which you would want to avoid at any cost. So when you are transporting heavier contents on your own, make sure you lift them the right way.

For better ideas and visual examples, you can find tons of videos on YouTube in this regard.

  • Keep Walking

Daily, we hear countless benefits of walking. Yet, not many of us make this part of our routine; some due to lack of time while some due to laziness. When you are moving your content to a storage or moving yourself to a new apartment, you get an opportunity to shed some weight by walking more.

If your storage company picks the contents from your place, you can enjoy shorter walks transporting small contents into their truck.

On the other hand, if the storage company requires you to transport your contents, and it’s not far away from your place, you can transport your contents in turns by walking in a timely manner. 


When it comes to workout, the possibilities are endless. No matter how little time you have, you can still perform small workouts while doing house chores or even transporting your goods to a storage house. The important thing to note here is performing them the right way, especially when you are playing with weights. With these 6 hacks, I’m sure your most tiring of tasks would become fun!