Drug addiction is a very complicated subject for many people. Those who suffer from or have suffered from drug addiction at certain points in their life sometimes find it hard to communicate to other people what exactly they have been through. Drug addiction is a disease just like any other. Patients of drug addiction usually go through long periods of battling with the drugs. But with that long battle, which many of them go through, are a lot of facts and hard realities that a lot of people can be unaware of regarding drug addiction.

Experimenting with Drugs at a Young Age could Factor into the Addiction

When it comes to the science behind drug addiction, almost all victims of this disease are born with genes that make them susceptible to addiction. There are, however, some environmental factors that could encourage that addiction at later points in life. When youngsters in their teenage years start experimenting with drugs, this could trigger the addiction genes to a point where things can get really dangerous. Many studies have shown that quite a large number of drug addicts have had their problems with addiction starting in their teenage years. 

Admitting an Addiction Could be the Hardest Step

What most people do not know about addiction is the struggle addicts have when it comes to admitting they have a problem. This phase in their lives takes a lot of internal struggle which many patients have to face alone until they reach the decision that they need help. According to https://www.rehabclinic.org.uk/condition/drug-addiction/, once addicts understand that they have a problem that needs attention, everything becomes easier. It is the steps leading to the realization that there is a problem that is the hardest for the person struggling with addiction. Usually, realizing there is a problem comes after a long period of pain and struggle and sometimes even when the person has already lost a lot. 

Detox Treatment is No Easy Process, But It is Worth It

Drug addiction is one that is chronic and that patients would have to deal with and maintain throughout their entire lifetime. The first step in getting the help needed is to go through a detox treatment process, usually in a rehab center. The detox treatment itself can be pretty hard. Because the body becomes so accustomed to the chemicals from the drug, the detox process can take quite a heavy physical and psychological toll. This battle is difficult at first, but with time, it gets easier and the person comes out of it stronger than ever. 

Drug Abuse Can Cause Brain Damage

One of the hard realities, which is unfamiliar to many people regarding drug addiction, is that addiction to certain drugs makes for a very high possibility of causing severe brain damage. Drugs like cocaine may influence the brain in a negative way and can even cause serious issues like strokes, which obviously causes issues in the brain and how it functions. Once the addiction treatment process starts, the risk of getting brain damage decreases rapidly. If the damage has already been done, it can be reduced with the elimination of the use of drugs and the person can recover to great extents. 

Life After Getting Treated 

Numerous people who have recovered from addiction and had to go through rehabilitation say that the scariest part of their journey was not knowing what was going to happen afterwards. Some former addicts might have lost property or money during the time they were ill and it can cause them to fear that uncertainty of what will happen to them now that they are sober. Many former addicts also fear relapsing when they go back to their normal life and their normal routine with the same people and lifestyle they had when they were abusing the substance. It is a hard reality many of them face, but luckily there is always help for those who ask for it. 
Dealing with drug addiction can be extremely difficult. The journey from realizing there is a problem in maintaining sobriety afterwards can be quite a challenge that not many people are aware of. The important thing is that people struggling with addiction need to realize that addiction is a chronic disease that requires medical attention and that is not the fault of the person themselves. Once the person understands that, they can try to communicate their struggles with their loved ones so that they can get a better understanding of what they have been through and be able to offer them support.