Strength training occupies an important position in any exercise routine because of its varied health benefits. From being good for the heart to help you lose weight and from maintaining healthy insulin level in the body to strengthening bones and improving your balance, strength training does a world of good for you. In addition, it uplifts your personality by making you feel good and more confident because of feeling and looking better.

What is strength training?

The weight training that we all see is what strength training is all about like the personal training services in Markham with the purpose of improving muscular fitness. The technique comprises exercising one muscle or a group of muscles against an external resistance created by using weights and weight machines as well as your own body weight. The principle behind this form of exercise is to make the muscle experience overload so that it becomes stronger.

Weight lifting is not just for bodybuilders but important for all because it prevents the natural loss of lean muscle mass that results from aging. Therefore, strength training is good for people of all ages especially those affected by obesity, heart condition, and arthritis.

Keep reading to know why strength training is good for your overall health.

Be stronger and fitter

Doing your daily work becomes very easy as weight training makes your muscles stronger. This is especially beneficial for people as they grow older when muscle loss becomes a natural phenomenon. Strength training or resistance training is of two types – isometric resistance training and isotonic strength training. Isometric resistance training involves contracting your muscle against a fixed object as when doing push-ups. Weight lifting affects the muscles by contracting it against some moving load which is an example of isotonic weight training.

Protect muscle mass and bone health

Once we pass the age of 30, the process of aging sets in and every year we experience a 3% to 5% loss of lean muscle mass. Studies have shown that even 30 minutes of exercise (high-intensity resistance and impact training) twice a week has immense health benefits like improving bone density, strength and structure especially in postmenopausal women who experience low bone mass. Most importantly, there are no negative effects.

Keep body weight under control

Strength training is good for burning calories just as you would when cycling, walking and running. However, there is no doubt that weight training helps in weight loss by enhancing your resting metabolism which is the normal ability of the body to burn calories when you are doing your daily work.

Chronic disease management

People who have arthritis experience pain relief when doing strength training. Similarly, those who have type-2 diabetes would benefit from strength training together with proper diet and other lifestyle changes that result in better glucose control.

The body produces natural mood elevators known as endorphins which increases considerably when doing strength exercise and makes you feel better and more energized.