Do you know who is the most popular doctor today? Think. It’s Dr. Google! Have red skin bumps? Let’s see what Google says. Want home treatments for cough? Google!  Google is where all of us have at some point, or the other looked for information related to health (at least we don’t have to deal with the horrible doctor’s handwriting, huh?). You are not alone.  87% of people use the internet to find answers to their health questions. And Dr. Google prefers video content. Having videos on your website will boost your SEO by 53 times. This is why healthcare marketing is so important these days.

Why Videos?

Here’s what you should do for video marketing. You are already late if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet. Many of your competitors have.

  • Videos engage humans.
  • Videos improve the retention rate.
  • 80% of people online would like to watch a video instead of reading text.
  • You can increase the response you get from email marketing by 25%. Just add the word “video” in the subject.
  • It has the best ROI out of all forms of marketing.

How to Grow Your Brand Using Videos

1. Educate, Inform, Connect or Entertain

The healthcare marketing videos that only talk about a product or a service, without offering anything else won’t help you build your brand. Customers get engaged when you offer education, information, a connection, or entertainment.

This can be achieved by letting your videos roll out like a story. Offer something interesting. For example, you can make a video about a cancer survivor who was told she wouldn’t live long but did. Make sure you have a good hosting provider to be able to show your content effectively. Check this list for Canada to find some of the best providers.

2. Invite the Patients to Talk

Testimonial-like videos perform very well. Make your patients talk about their experiences with you. Whether you are a healthcare product brand, a hospital, a chiropractor — anyone and everyone can create a video like this.

3. Offer Product Demonstrations

Other popular forms of videos are explainer videos or how-to videos. They are also called demo videos. More than an instruction booklet, your customers will understand how to use a product by watching the video.

In fact, they will appreciate it and would want to choose you again in the future. This will, in turn, boost customer satisfaction that will grow your brand making healthcare marketing essential.

4. Make Videos on Simple Health Tips

Tip videos often solve a problem for the viewers. And this is great. They are also shared a lot. It might be difficult to believe, but over 95% of the world is popular and has health problems of some kind or the other.

No one likes health issues. Offer tips on treatment, management, and prevention. Pick issues like high blood sugar, high blood pressure, eye fatigue, back problems, etc. 

5. Promote Your Videos

This is very important. You may make an excellent video, but if you don’t promote it, no one will see it. This means no conversions. Gradually you will build a following and may not need to promote your videos.

But in the beginning, you must. Promote it on YouTube, Facebook, and IGTV especially. You can also create Google ads using Google Adwords. You can watch a Facebook ads tutorial or a tutorial for any other platform to know more.

6. Use Ai-Powered Video Editing and Making Tool

How do you make a video? This is a million-dollar question. There was a time when you had to spend heavy fees and hire video editors and videographers. 

But now, you can use any web app or mobile app to create videos. You may not require an actual video to make a video. You can do so using images and text too.

Browse the internet to find the best YouTube video editor. We recommend VideoCreek because it is smart, Ai-powered, and super easy. It also has templates! Click here to know more.

7. Use an Omnichannel Strategy

Don’t post only on your website or only on YouTube. Post your videos on all popular platforms. There are people who may only use Instagram and not visit your website ever.

Using an omnichannel strategy for healthcare marketing will allow you to reach a wider audience. Ensure that you know the aspect ratios, the duration of the videos, and any other important parameters to make your videos look stunning everywhere. Browse the internet to find the best Instagram video editor. Browse the internet to discover your options.

8. Don’t Be Wary of Using Emotions in Your Video

Remember, don’t be too technical. You have to build a relationship with your audience, and this can be possible only if your videos evoke emotions. They must be relatable. This will directly aid in the popularity of the brand.

9. Tag and Collaborate

One of the best ways to increase your brand reach with the help of videos is to tag others and collaborate with influencers. This boosts your organic reach.

10. Be Consistent; Focus on SEO

Keep posting your videos every week. This will get your more views on all platforms. Also, focus on SEO — your video description and title should have keywords that lead people to your video.

11. Drop the Curtain

What are the lives of doctors and nurses like? What do they think? What are some of the weirdest experiences they have had? Drop the curtain and let the healthcare provider talk. Everyone wants to know this!

You can also do a series of videos that educate — what does an operation theatre look like? How do hospital kitchens work? Anything that is otherwise a secret will work great.

Here are some ideas to create health videos for engaging your customers:

  • 5 Ways to Lower Your Blood Sugar Naturally
  • Eat These Fruits & Make Your Skin Glow
  • The Right Way to Use a Glucometer
  • This Hospital Looks Like a Comfy Hotel
  • What is a Day in the Life of a Nurse Like?
  • Want to Be Happier? These Hormones are Responsible For That
  • 6 Exercises That Will Make Your Back Muscles Stronger
  • Can’t Sleep? Here’s What You Can Do
  • She Survived Cancer! Here’s Her Story

While these topics are very generic, you can always make them brand-specific. Make sure a large number of people can relate to them, though, to make your videos popular.

Boost the “health” of your brand with video marketing!