It’s a Sunday ritual for many people. A time to recover from the night before if we had one too many, or just simply a chance to reconnect with friends before starting the next work week. Brunch typically brings up thoughts of Eggs Benedict and mimosas and while spending your Sunday with friends is great for your social life, it can wreak havoc on your healthy eating goals that you’ve been working so hard to achieve.

We headed around the city to check out some brunch spots to see what offerings they had to cure the hangover cobwebs and also keep our healthy eating goals in check.

  1. District Cafe Breakfast

Relaxing music mixed with the buzzing of early morning conversation. District Cafe’s aesthetic is filled with natural light, white tile and industrial lighting. The smell of freshly baked pastries fills the air so strong that you can picture the bread rising in the oven. The espresso machine is steaming non-stop with drinks being carefully crafted while the people in business casual patiently wait to bring the warm mug to their lips. We sat watching from the window as a variety of people stream by with a hurry in their step to get to where they are going.

District Cafe is located on 100th ave and 109th street (10011 109 ST NW #101) in downtown Edmonton. The cafe serves breakfast lunch and dinner. We arrived for breakfast at 8:30am on a Tuesday morning. Chan ordered the Breakfast Sandwich; free run egg, bacon, gruyere, vine tomato, aioli and greens placed between two pieces of fluffy bread. As a celiac with a dairy intolerance, breakfast at District Cafe was no problem for me. I excitedly ordered the Rice Pudding; Coconut, Orange and fresh berries. The rice pudding is an excellent healthy option to leave your digestive system feeling good. Eating out for breakfast does not need to leave you feeling uncomfortable for the rest of the day— District is a great place to go for a quick, healthy breakfast to leave you feeling energized instead of drained. ~ Patricia

  1. Under The High Wheel

Conveniently located on Whyte Ave on the main floor of the Roots on Whyte Building, Under The High Wheel has been a go to spot for people working or walking on the avenue for years. With a bohemian chic atmosphere, it’s easy to slip away from the hustle happening just outside and enjoy a great tasting, healthy brunch inside. Their open kitchen allows guests to see the busyness going on preparing meals using fresh local ingredients

We enjoyed the free-range eggs, cranberry maple sausage herb roasted potatoes and sourdough toast. It was a great portion to help energize for the day ahead. As a lover of Nutella crepes, my partner opted for the Chocolate and Hazelnut Crêpe. A buckwheat crêpe topped with a house made chocolate and coffee sauce & hazelnuts. The plate was loaded with fresh fruit which had him feeling better about eating the chocolate (I remember reading somewhere about all the great health benefits of chocolate so I think he’s ok….) Service was great. Food was exceptional. I’ll continue to make this a regular stop on my Sunday mornings.  ~Hannah

  1. Central Social Hall

Now Central might not be the first thing you think of for a healthy brunch. Maybe for its great nightlife with one of the best locations in the city on the corner of Jasper Avenue and 109 Street, or for having a beer and watching the Oilers on one of their TV’s. But with some recent changes to their menu, we put this one on our list of must visits. It’s even kid friendly so you don’t need to drop the little ones off at the sitters to come enjoy some great eats.

I’m not going to lie and say that Jesse and his team made the new menu focused around your macros and counting calories (The Cure and the Chicken + Waffles are great for your cheat day). But the Bacon + Mushroom + Avocado Omelette or Tomato + Avocado Benny will help keep your diet in check while still enjoying some great tasting food. And if you are someone counting calories or ensuring your proper nutritional needs are being met, then the Protein + Greens is a great option. Just be sure to wash it down with a tasty mimosa because life is a about balance…. ~TJ

  1. Café Linnea

Inspired by traditional Scandinavian and French cuisine, Café Linnea fuses familiar bistro fare with locally sourced ingredients. The passion project of chef and owner Kelsey Johnson, her intentions of respecting the products that go into her recipes are evident by the food put on the plates. Located in Holland Plaza at 10932 119 Street NW, there is free parking in the lot accessible from 119 Street. The community is undergoing some development and with the shops and studios in Holland Plaza, it’s becoming a desirable area to visit so make sure to book your reservation early.

I thoroughly enjoyed the gluten free Complète Galette which was a buckwheat crêpe with house ham and gruyère, topped off with a mirror egg and green salad. A perfect portion for a late breakfast before meetings and a workout. Complimented by a glass of freshly squeezed orange, carrot and ginger juice, it was the perfect way to start the day. Next time I stop in, I’ll be sure to try the Linnea Porridge made with steel cut oats, sunflower, pumpkin, and chia seeds, topped with stewed orchard fruits and a side of cream. Delicious. ~TJ

  1. Die Pie

If you are looking for a place that does vegan brunch right, look no further than DiePie. Located at 11215 Jasper Ave, this quaint little place may not be on your radar yet as it just opened last year. Much of what’s on the menu is made in house including the cheese, cultured coconut yogurt, and even their vegan eggs (which are delicious!) A casual and quiet atmosphere allows for conversations to be enjoyed over their delicious offerings.

We ordered the French Toast that comes with a berry compote, drizzle of organic maple syrup and a dollop of their in-house coconut yogurt. Following this, we tried their Granola Parfait which featured their gluten free granola. Both of these dishes were fantastic, but the one that really stole the show was their Classic Breakfast Calzone. Made with their delicious pizza dough, the calzone was stuffed with their vegan eggs (which are nut based for those who are allergic to soy), garlic cream, pan fried hash, smoked cheddar (made from aquafaba – or chickpeas), and their homemade hollandaise. To add a little kick, they also offer Valentia hot sauce if you want to up the spice! DiePie isn’t just for vegans. The menu is done so well, it can be enjoyed by even the meatiest of meat eaters! If you can’t make it for brunch, that’s no problem. They also serve lunch and dinner where they make their own pizzas. ~Joel