As our community navigates a “new normal” and adopts different routines while children return to school this fall amidst the on-going global COVID-19 pandemic, we must look for ways to safely continue to pursue healthy habits.

Encouraging our children to develop healthy habits and to pursue an active lifestyle will help them to hone skills that will bolster their success in many areas of their life beyond childhood. Participating in sports and fitness teaches them the basics of movement, balance, and coordination while providing opportunities for building friendships and challenging themselves physically and mentally as they develop these new skills that will carry them forward throughout life.

The Royal Glenora Club (RGC) offers recreational and competitive programming in figure skating, hockey, tennis, badminton, squash, and aquatics for children of all abilities from ages 2-17. RGC coaches and instructors are experts in training young Club Members and working with them to improve in their sport or activity and to achieve their individual goals and potential.

Examples of programming created specifically for children include this fall’s Squash, Badminton, and Crafts program for RGC kids ages 3-5! This fantastic program exposes them to racquet sport basics as well as fun art projects all in a safe and secure environment.

Parents can even enjoy programs with their children, like the Kinder Tennis Parent/Child class, also available this fall, where they get to learn the basics of tennis together in a fun and engaging environment.

Private and semi-private lessons in RGC sports as well as many programs and classes are available to help young athletes become the best they can be and to instill skills that will support them as they build a lifestyle of health and wellness!

To learn more about becoming a Royal Glenora Club Member and the benefits a Membership can offer you and your family, visit or contact Shawna, Manager of Membership Growth and Corporate Relations, at There’s something for everyone in your family at the Royal Glenora Club. You should be here!