So, you’ve finally decided to bid farewell to your bad eating habits. Now, it is time for you to start focusing on your goal: to cook and consume healthier meals and not order take-out. An essential part of that is ensuring you’ve got an arsenal of healthy meal recipes.

Of course, it is challenging to find recipes that are rich in nutrition and flavor. Better yet, you might even despise the idea of cramming nutritious ingredients down your throat. Still, the truth is, a diet rich in nutrition has been scientifically proven to offer numerous health benefits. However, cooking up diet-friendly meals can often seem like an overwhelming task, regardless of how eager you are to lose weight and ditch your old habits. With gratitude, we are here to help.

Below is a list of some headache-free, no-fuss recipes that require fewer steps and ingredients but carry enough oomph to be called healthy and delicious.

Lentil Curry served with Cauliflower Rice

Mix pre-cooked lentils (often found in your supermarket’s produce aisle) with an Indian-style simmer sauce for a quick and flavorsome curry. Also, ensure to shop for your ingredients from an organic grocery store, preferably online. Suppose you are shopping for groceries in Canada. In that case, SPUD is a sustainable grocery service delivering premium products to customers in Alberta and British Columbia. You can find SPUD’s grocery delivery areas in Canada near you here on Google and select a branch that suits your commute.

Now, you might be wondering, “why to serve it over cauliflower rice?” Well, serving it over riced cauliflower increases the vegetable count while keeping carbs to a minimum. 

Moreover, try to look for simmer sauces with less than or close to 350 mg sodium per 14-cup serving to be salt-conscious.

Middle Eastern Chicken Burgers

Did you intend on grilling burgers tonight, only to look up at the sky and see the worst thunderstorm you’ve ever seen? We understand the hassle, which is why we recommend making these Middle Eastern burgers when things get tough. Besides, cooked on the gas stove, these burgers are a fantastic alternative to the grilled patty and are far better than most burgers. The flavors of parsley, coriander, red pepper flakes, pomegranate molasses, and tumeric add another layer of “healthy and yum” to this lean chicken burger.

Curry with Chickpeas 

This fresh and tasty Indian recipe is a healthy chickpea curry that can be made in minutes using convenient canned beans. If you want to add extra vegetables, toss in some roasted cauliflower buds. Then, serve the dish with brown basmati rice or warm bread.

Traditional Sesame Noodles with Chicken 

In this quick Asian recipe, classic sesame noodles are transformed into a nutritious lunch with lean chicken and tons of vegetables. Ensure to rinse the spaghetti until it’s cold, then stir it in the colander. 

And, if you are an expert at spiralizing, we suggest you swap 5 cups of carrot, raw zucchini, or another veggie “noodles” for the cooked pasta.

Skillet of Cajun Cabbage 

This instant skillet meal comes together quickly, making it ideal for a busy night’s dinner. To give the dish a little burst of energy, use spicy andouille sausages or any sausage that you find suitable. Let it all cook at a medium-high flame. Cooking at medium-high heat allows the vegetables and sausages to caramelize quickly, but if they begin to overcook, add a small amount of cold water to the pan to cool it down.

Simple Chicken Enchilada 

Casseroles make great healthy meal recipes, and this enchilada version is no exception. You can assemble the casserole and store it in the fridge for up to three days. Then, on a busy weekend, all you have to do is bake it, and you’ll have a healthy dinner in no time. When you don’t have any canned enchilada sauce on hand, this recipe’s quick, freshly made enchilada sauce is perfect. All you have to do is season squashed tomatoes with spices and salt for an instant enchilada sauce.

Lentils and Indian Shrimp 

Lentils are an underappreciated legume that is high in protein. They soak up flavors well, have a wholesome but soft mouthfeel, and are perfect as a versatile backdrop for various other ingredients. What’s one good example? This dish of Indian Shrimp and Lentils. The lentils absorb the flavors of the shallot, masala, coconut cream, and garlic to form a creamy, smooth, protein-rich bed for a flavorful shrimp. Moreover, if you want to add a new element to the mix, garnish with fresh cilantro and see how the flavor rises.

Baked Fish Tacos with Avocado 

Rather than deep-frying, you can bake the fish fillets in this 5-ingredient recipe after encasing them with a flavorful seasoning blend. And you can even bake these tacos with a variety of streaky white fish. When shopping for fish, the optimal tactic is to be adaptable and select the freshest one.


So, these are our picks of the most delicious yet healthy meal recipes that will help you become a healthier person. Just remember to take it one-recipe-at-a-time. Don’t overhaul your diet all at once. Some of these recipes will help you keep your portion sizes sensible, while others will help you adapt to something new. Following these recipes will have an enormous impact on your overall health. Soon, you will notice some positive and satisfying changes in your habits and body.