Maintaining a healthy and well-balanced diet is not an easy thing to do. But, if you follow the 5 meal rule, things will be a lot easier. You’ll be eating smaller portions and you’ll be feeling full throughout the whole day. Mainly, your day will consist of 3 main courses and 2 snacks in between. Once you implement this you’ll be constantly filled with energy and you’ll be going down on the weight scale. But let’s look at what kind of healthy snacks are good to implement and what you should forget in order to lose some weight!

Weight Loss Friendly Snacks 

Healthy Alternatives 

Just because you’re following a diet plan, filled with nutritious healthy food, that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be craving some sugar and you will certainly find yourself desperately wanting to go and buy your favorite chocolate or cake. But eating sugary foods does not have to be so bad.  All you need to do is replace them with a healthier alternative that is as delicious as the sinful version while it helps the weight loss and the performance of your body in general. 

The smart baking company gives you the opportunity to enjoy cake and cookies that are extra yummy that you won’t look back to regular cake ever again. They are made to be easy on the stomach and the best part is they are low in calories but high in protein. It’s good to try and explore these kinds of alternatives as they are also very convenient to eat on the go which will prevent you from skipping meals. You can take them with you to work or anywhere outside. They also boost your energy levels and keep you concentrated and productive.  

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Mixed nuts 

Nuts have tons of benefits to them. Reducing the risk of heart disease and preventing cancer, depression, and other illnesses, are just some of them. But, since we’re talking about weight loss, they actually can help you out with this as well. Nuts are the perfect combination of healthy fats, protein, and fiber. A normal snack would have around 180 calories, which is way less than a bag of chips that we’d normally get. 

Bell pepper and guacamole 

Doesn’t have to be guacamole. It can be either hummus or cream cheese. The important part here is the bell peppers. If you want to get some important ingredients in your body, such as vitamin C and antioxidants, we’d recommend you choose the red bell pepper, but you can always mix it up and have a colorful snack.

Bell peppers are filling, and they are a great replacement for bread in your day-to-day meals. They are a great source of water and fiber while counting very few calories.  No matter what you mix them with, the snack will go below 200 calories.

Greek yogurt and berries

If you like yogurt, this is going to be your favorite snack yet. Greek yogurt is full of protein and healthy fats so you’ll be having a pretty balanced snack after all. Mix this with some berries and you’ll get enough carbohydrates to fuel you and give you the energy you need to endure till your next big meal. Not to mention that berries are full of antioxidants, so they’re fighting against toxins and cancer. 

Chia pudding 

Chia seeds have gained popularity in recent years, and for a good reason. They have tons of benefits, and everybody who consumes it swears by this amazing seed. Chia helps weight loss fighters lose weight and feel incredible at the same time. They are rich in fiber, fatty acids, and antioxidants. 

You can easily prepare the pudding yourself. You can take one or two tablespoons of chia seeds and submerge them in water, milk, yogurt. Either leave them overnight in the freezer, or for a couple of hours. They’ll form a gel-like texture and you should definitely try it. Add cinnamon, fruit, peanut butter if you want to add some extra flavor. 

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Apple slices with peanut butter 

One of our favorites, since it’s super delicious and extremely easy to make, so you can grab it on your way to work or school. Chop up an apple, throw some peanut butter in a container and you’re covered for the snacking part. No matter if you like your peanut butter chunky or smooth, healthy fats and protein will find their way into your body. Apples on the other hand are rich in fiber, so you’ll be feeling full for a while.

Dark chocolate and almonds 

Just because you’re trying to lose weight, doesn’t mean you should punish yourself by not having any chocolate! Dark chocolate is good for your body, and you can always have a piece of it, combined with almonds. It is a combination made in heaven, and you’ll be feeling both satisfied and full at the same time. 

There is one other reason why this snack is good, besides the health benefits of dark chocolate. Eating a piece of chocolate will show you that you have control over what and how much you eat. Not to mention the releasing of endorphins, so you’ll reach that natural high, where you’re happy and relaxed.

Piece of fruit 

Every healthy, well-balanced diet encourages you to take lots of fruits and vegetables. Vegetables make a great snack, but we take them with ‘side dishes’, to make them yummier. But, fruits are delicious on their own. You must have your favorite kind, so make sure to use it as a snack. No matter if it’s a banana, apple, orange, you’ll be getting all the goodies from it, just by consuming it once a day.