If you are over 18 and live in New York, you know that injectable cosmetic procedures such as Botox and lip fillers are a common and pretty much normal beauty trend that has been growing significantly over the course of the past ten years. From your favorite celebs to beauty gurus and influencers on social media, everyone is getting that perfect pout. If you are someone who is on the fence about getting lip filler, because let’s face it, getting a cosmetic treatment can be intimidating – all the images of botched surgeries, possibilities of something going wrong, family members who are unaccepting of newer beauty trends, here are a few resources that you should know about getting lip fillers in NYC. On top of that, there are a ton of different techniques to achieve your desired look. Because there are so many medical spas to choose from, finding one that offers a variety of lip filler techniques, such as the Russian lip technique in New York, isn’t hard to come by. So, here are a few details about getting lip fillers to put you at ease.

1. They are dissolvable

The one most common fear that people have before getting a lip filler, is that they will end up with permanently botched lips. This may have been an issue 70 years ago, when liquid silicone was still legal and injected into people’s lips. Not to worry – liquid silicone has been illegal since the 1960s and will only be found on the black market. Knowing that there are tons of reputable cosmetic surgery clinics in NYC, this won’t be an issue. The type of filler used for the lips is typically hyaluronic acid based, which not only is dissolvable with specially formulated injections, but also results in a natural and smoother lip.

2. They don’t have to be huge

Lip fillers may increase the volume of your lips significantly – if that’s what you want. If you want something more natural, you can always go with a half syringe of filler, which will give you a very subtle and natural look. If the filler still makes you uncomfortable, try a lip flip first! A lip flip works by injecting a few units of Botox right above the lips, which flips the lip upward and is so incredibly subtle that most people won’t even notice it’s there.

3. It doesn’t hurt (that bad)

Lip fillers are uncomfortable, but by no means are they painful enough for you to have to be put under anesthesia. Most medical spas apply a topical numbing cream to your lips before the procedure to reduce discomfort. What’s even better? Most dermal fillers actually contain lidocaine, which is the main ingredient in topical numbing cream and will make the whole procedure more tolerable. Pro tip: Use an ice pack on top of the numbing cream to numb your lips a little extra – you’ll barely feel a thing!

4. “But I don’t want to look like Kylie”

That’s fine – you don’t have to! Kylie Jenner looks amazing, but if her lips aren’t your style, you can go with a different look. There are several injection techniques out there that create very specific looks. If you want something more natural, go with the Russian lip technique. This technique involves drawing the syringe and molding the lip upward, rather than outward. This will eliminate any chance of your lips looking “ducky” and will result in a very natural look. Anyone who is interested in Russian lip technique, which is the most advanced lip injection procedure, should visit this website to get more information and have their FAQs answered.

Overall the entire process is pretty quick and painless. The most important thing is to find a skilled injector that you trust to do your lip filler. Before you start getting nervous, keep in mind that there are a ton of doctors in New York that offer lip fillers, which gives you plenty of amazing practitioners to choose from. There are plenty of options in New York and you can always book a consultation at a clinic before actually scheduling the procedure appointment to speak with the doctor and discuss your questions and concerns. It is always helpful to go on the clinic’s website to see their qualifications as well as their before and after photos, which can help you decide whether or not you’d like to work with them. You can also look up reviews online to see how other people felt about the clinic, or ask friends and family who have gotten a lip filler before where they went so you can go somewhere that you already trust. Take your time when looking for an injector, and prepare yourself for your appointment by looking at photos of lips that you like and taking them with you to show the doctor so they can see what you do and do not like. Lastly, just relax! The process is quick and enjoy your beautiful new lips.