Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day, especially for the physically active fitness buffs out there. This all-important but often rushed meal gets you ready for the day as it reignites your metabolism and provides your mind and body with the fuel it needs for you to accomplish whatever goals you have set for the day.

For fitness enthusiasts, breakfast is not a meal you want to miss because its benefits continue way beyond the morning. Eating a high-protein diet in the morning is especially good for those trying to achieve and maintain their desired body. This is because high-protein meals can help curb your desire to eat, keeping you full and sated for a longer amount of time. This, in turn, can help prevent you from making poor food choices or from overeating.

Unfortunately, with how fast-paced mornings can be, you may find it hard to prepare a nutritious high-protein breakfast. Luckily, there are easy-to-prepare high-protein breakfast options that you can try:

1.  Breakfast Burrito

If you want a meal consisting of up to 15 grams of protein coupled with the right amount of carbs and fat, then look no further as breakfast burritos are the perfect option for you. Made only with a handful of ingredients, this meal gives you the freedom to choose from many variations, all of which are rich in the macronutrients that you need. The best thing about breakfast burritos is that they’re easy to prepare!

2.  Greek Yogurt Combo

One of the most popular high-protein breakfast options today is definitely the Greek yogurt. In fact, its popularity still continues to grow due to its abundance of protein and overall flexibility. Greek yogurt is like the cassanova of food since it can be paired with many breakfast options such as oatmeal, nuts, and fruits. Although it may take a bit more time to prepare a Greek yogurt combination, you can always have it ready the night before. You may have to use plain Greek yogurt so as to avoid increasing your sugar intake, especially when coupled with fruits and other items containing sugar.

3.  Overnight Oats

If you think oats are only good for their fiber, think again. While it can be said that oats contain well-balanced amounts of carbs-protein-fat content, there is a way for you to turn them into a high-protein meal. By soaking them in milk or Greek yogurt coupled with protein powder overnight, you can increase their protein content. The process is simple: just mix all the ingredients together and chill the mixture overnight either in a plastic container or a jar, and in the morning, it’ll be ready for you to eat without any hassle.

4.  High Protein Egg White Patty Breakfast Sandwich

If you want something solid in the morning, you can never go wrong with an egg white patty sandwich. Eggs are considered to be the perfect source of protein and the overall standard for breakfast meals. While a high-protein egg white patty sandwich may look like it consumes a lot of time to prepare, it actually doesn’t. All you need are two slices of whole-grain bread, cooked egg white patties, a bit of mayo, some spinach, red onions, and cheese, and you’re all set.

5.  Protein Pancake & Fruit Combo

What is breakfast without pancakes? While the preparation may take some time, the results are definitely worth the wait. With just some eggs and protein powder among other baking bits, you’d be able to make high-protein pancakes. Now add a bit of butter and pair the meal with a couple of fruit servings and coffee, then you would have a high-protein breakfast meal!

The best thing about protein pancakes is that you can make multiple variations as far as your creativity takes you. More than that, it has enough protein to curb your appetite until lunch.


Eating the right breakfast is necessary for overall wellness and fitness. A high-protein breakfast can help provide you with the energy you need to get your day started and even help you maintain your weight by curbing your appetite.

With all the preparations people have to make during mornings, especially on working days, it’s easy to overlook breakfast. But no matter how busy you may be, you should never sacrifice the most important meal of the day just to get to work on time. In fact, it takes only a few short minutes to prepare an easy high-protein dish for you to eat in the morning. You need only try.