Many people aspire to have a good body figure, an admirable physique like that of a splinter. Many have tried whatever means to make them look good. Some take to exercising, and they somehow get their results, others go for dieting while others to take on some pills/ drugs aimed at keeping them fit and leave them looking healthy. In the mid-1990’s high intensity interval training was discovered by a Japanese and it has been received well by most fitness trainers and trainees and it’s results as desired.

Definition of high intensity interval training (TABATA)

It is a type of body exercise which involves performing an activity all- out for twenty seconds, resting for ten seconds then repeating the on-off sequence for four minutes in total. It is a cardiorespiratory training technique that alternates high speed with some resting- it builds muscle and has the fat burning benefits. It is practiced everywhere in the world, from the garage gyms to commercial gyms, hardcore and sparse. It was discovered by a Japanese researcher Izumi Tabata, and it’s usually also called Tabata. Compared to other traditional ways of reducing weights and building the body fitness, the high intensity interval training has been received with positive results.

The traditional ways will help one reduce weight but besides the high intensity interval training will additionally, help in body fat loss and muscle building. It should be noted that excessive aerobic activity can decrease/ weaken the immune system, reduce the testosterone levels, halt strength gains, raise the production of cortisol, as well as decrease any hope of hypertrophy. For this reason, one needs to smartly devise strategies that will be towards gaining the desired results.

After a consistency of the high intensity interval training, the trainers were able to have a good percent of body fat loss and a mass of muscle built up in their bodies. Additionally, they also have reductions in the abdominal trunk, increase in the mass in lean body and a corresponding increase in their aerobic power. The good thing with the Tabata is that the diet was not changed. The results achieved by the traditional ways of training could also be achieved through Tabata.


High intensity interval training challenges

It’s argued that everything good has its drawbacks and so is the high intensity interval training. Some of its problems is that one should not be doing the exercise every day, it should be at most three times per week. It affects the central nerve system, and it takes 48 hours to recover, intervals can best arrest this tax in one’s central nervous system. If not checked it could lead to muscle damage, metabolic stress, and mechanical tension. When one trains while keeping the intervals, it will greatly improve body composition. This is also why nutrition is so important, if you want the best results make sure that your nutrition is in order so that you maintain a healthy strong body. I also recommend high quality supplements that don’t contain a lot of caffeine to push your body forward. A multivitamin and a good pre workout supplement are all you need to get going, otherwise don’t fall for the “more supplements the better” scam.


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