Doing crossfit exercise is a great way to get in shape with very little equipment. You can perform them at home, in a hotel room or even in a park to enjoy the great outdoors. Here are a few of the more common exercises designed for legs and abs.

Squat and Pistols
Complete a regular squat so the hips are below the knees and then back to a standing position. The crossfit exercise version is called pistols. They are the one-legged squats with the “up” leg being stretched out in front of the body.

Box jump
This is a great crossfit exercise using a simple wooden box you can make yourself. Start by standing on the floor in front of a box and jump and land on top of the box with both feet. Fully stand up on the box and jump back down. To make it more difficult, as soon as you touch down on the floor, immediately jump back up on the box.

Start standing, drop to the floor into a pushup position, contact the floor with your chest, pull your knees forward under your chest and feet on the floor, stand up and end with a small jump.

Take a step forward and plant your foot a step ahead of you. Bend the knee like you are putting the other knee on the ground. The front knee should be directly above your foot so your shin is vertical. Push back off of your front foot to stand back up.

Jump rope
A classic style crossfit exercise. Use a speed rope or a regular cloth rope. Do a “double under” or even a triple  the rope passes 2 or 3 times around with each jump.

Hang from a bar with your arms straight. Raise your knees until you touch your elbows. It is important to curl your body up to engage your lower abs. Imagine pulling your hips to your hands. Variation: Keep your legs straight and pull your feet to the bar.

Hang from a bar and hold your legs straight out in front of you. Keep your feet at or above the level of your hips.

L-sit advanced
Hang from a bar, bring your knees to your chest, straighten your legs into an L-sit, and bring your knees back to your chest and back to a hanging position. Think of making an L shape with your feet up, away from you, back in and down.

Crossfit exercise can be a great chance of pace from what you usually do to stimulate your muscles into improving beyond their current level.