Horses have held a special place of service for humans over millenia but only in recent years have they become acknowledged for their true gifts. They are proving to be the greatest teachers and healers. My horses have always been there, and supported me in ways that I never fully understood. But somehow I always knew that when I was in their presence things were okay. I remember times as a young teenager, people who were supposed to be my friends were not friendly at all, they excluded me from conversations or events and even ostracized me. Feeling devastated and alone I found the most comforting place to hang out was the pasture with Ginger. He welcomed me into the herd (or his space), no matter how I showed up. I never felt like I didn’t belong and always left in lighter spirits. Throughout my years, I’ve spent countless hours sitting with my horses, breathing in their scents and absorbing their feel good energies.

After three decades in the field of education, I turned to them for guidance and insight moving to the next chapter of my life. I was drawn to the idea of partnering with horses to support humans through personal challenges. My experience of leaning into the horses over the years to get past the tough times was all the proof I needed to realize the therapeutic effect of horses is real. Now, I’m a certified Equine Gestalt Coaching Method™ practitioner and open for business.

At Cutting Edge Coaching we provide a safe, confidential space for clients. Positive coaching systems, Gestalt methodology and equine partners are the fundamentals of the process. The Gestalt piece is about creating wholeness. We believe people to be whole, capable and resourceful. Often negative events or traumas from the past prevent people from moving ahead in their life or with goals. Horses have an innate ability to connect with us on an energetic level, and respond to our emotions. They become active partners in the coaching process and let us know when our head and heart are not in alignment. Research shows that being in the presence of horses positively impacts our physiology, psychology and spirituality. Measures such as lowered blood pressure, lowered heart rate, and the release of endorphins promote awareness  and the ability to experience a sense of calm. In the absence of anxiety, fears, and other dysregulation, we can get clear on things that are not serving us. From here we can focus on our strengths and move forward with purpose, confidence and most of all self-compassion.

Don’t worry if you have no horse experience or are a little hesitant to be with the horses. Our sessions are set up for everyone to feel comfortable. Individuals have time to be present with the horse from a short distance and when ready, move in closer for deeper connection.

Experiences are available for adults, youth and kids. In addition to our individual sessions we offer groups (adults or youth), various workshops and retreats. After just one  session with the horses people leave feeling much lighter than when they arrived.  No two sessions are the same as they are crafted to the needs of the individuals being served.

We are excited to be gathering for our second annual “Wild and Free” Women’s Luxury Retreat at The Lodge at Panther River. From June 20 – 23, 2019.  Free Woman Movement will be joining us for 4 days dedicated to rewarding yourself. Included in this mountain retreat is 4 empowering sessions with the horses, 4 restorative yoga sessions (in the tipi), a beautiful trail ride, delicious farm to table, wholesome food, luxury accomodations and some down time to relax by the river or go for a leisurely hike. Open up to a limitless source of energy, awareness and gentle support in the presence of nature and the horses.

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Horses may not speak our language but when you listen to them with your heart, you will hear their voice.

Aileen – owner CEO of Cutting Edge Coaching