In 2022 Instagram can fairly enough be called a platform for business and individual development of professionals from various fields – including the health sphere, where dietitians, coaches and fitness enthusiasts are trying to build their way up, to the audience that’s going to support them and purchase their products and services if they have those on hands. However, the niche of blogging is already highly saturated with talented content creators, and they aren’t going to share their audience easily: this is why, if you want tangible results, you really need some knowledge to build an audience on Instagram.

In this text we have gathered several handy tools and methods that a fitness trainer can use to quickly build up their audience on Instagram without spending too much money on it: we will talk about a possibility to buy Instagram followers, about the added value that they can give away with their content to win themselves loyal and permanent followers, and about several other methods that work if you need to give your page a nice booster.

What to share and what not to: where is the edge of “oversharing” when it comes to putting forward valuable information that should be paid for

So when it comes to build an audience on Instagram there is always a question: “How much information can you give away so that people will be interested in you, but at the same time so that they would want to buy “paid” information from you?” In the field of health and wellness this question is pretty sharp, as all the content that you put forward has some value in it. However, to monetize your profile you have to have the paid courses, programs, etc – so how do you figure out what information should be free, and what information should be paid? We have an answer to that riddle.

You should share your opinions and a part of your experience for free. What we mean: you can tell people your opinions on certain training programs and coaching methods, you can share the results of your work with other people with them and accentuate their attention on certain points that you find interesting. This is going to give people an illusion of the high value of the publications that you’re putting forward; but if they’d want to use it on their own, they are going to find themselves second guessing and needing some additional information. And this is when they are going to go and buy a paid course or a program from you!

You can also unveil certain myths, talk about common misunderstandings and mistakes that people make while training – you get where we are coming and what we mean. But all the information that lies behind your experience should be concealed and given away only for money – basically, this is what build an audience on Instagram consists of in its very base.

“Okay, but what do I do if I have no subscribers at all yet?”

Before setting a targeted ad (that is definitely going to bring you lots of benefits) start with using a chance to buy real Instagram followers – this is going to be your base that you will be able to rely on further. The only thing that you should keep in mind is that you have to purchase only real subscribers, because these are the only ones that can bring positive changes to your statistics as well. You might have heard that Instagram sees the percentage of active and inactive followers that each page has, and if your ratio is broken and you have more inactive subs, this is bad. IG is going to mark your content as irrelevant and not valuable for random users who are searching info on your subject, and won’t be showing it to them as recommended from that moment on. So make sure to check the quality of the services and don’t settle for anything less than authentic and real subs.

“What other methods of development are out there for me?”

There are activity chats, commenting, cross posting, free mutual PR and paid PR from bigger bloggers. First two ones are great for total novices – activity chats are gathering newcomers who try to support each other and leave each other comments and likes; commenting is leaving comments under the popular posts of bigger bloggers to attract the attention of their audience. However, both of those are energy consuming and time taking, so we’d recommend doing them only if you have a very small number of subs and you desperately need more.

PR from other bloggers is more efficient: you can find fellow fitness bloggers who currently have the same number of subs as you or a little bit less, and cooperate with them for a mutual free PR. You’d be surprised at how many bloggers are out there, seeking support and a possibility to spread a word about themselves. So don’t be shy and reach out to several people; together you will be able to quickly and efficiently enlarge each other’s audiences.

If you’re here for even quicker results, then there is something special for you: you can order a paid PR from the most popular bloggers in a fitness sphere to build an audience on Instagram and at the same time launch the targeted ad. This is going to be a “fatality” to your lack of subscribers: prepare lots of interesting content beforehand to meet and greet your new followers and stay online to interact with them while this campaign goes by. However, we’d still recommend you to start with buying followers, then using the free methods and finish your development with this duo. And remember that no paid services are going to take you to ultimate success: it is your effort and creativity that matter the most, so make sure to combine all of that together and get quickest and most tangible results.

Author’s bio: Anastasia Yakovleva, Soclikes and Viplikes expert on momentarily social media promotion tools and methods.