If you’re anything like me, your muscles take a pounding day to day. Walking, running, and exercise is just the beginning. Chasing after pets, daily errands, even the repetitive tasks and stress and anxiety at work can cause muscle aches.

No matter where you carry your tension, massages are a sure-fire way to relieve muscle stress and aches. But how do you get a daily massage without breaking the bank, or carving time out of your busy schedule? Simple. Invest in the best massage chair for you and you’ll get the best of both worlds: At home comfort you can afford with a daily massage that you can feel like you’ve earned every day!

Massage chairs may feel like a big ticket item. But the health benefits mean you reap rewards immediately and your body will thank you in the long run. You’ll save money on chiropractors, pain medication, and doctors co-pays.

Don’t believe me? Here are just a few things your massage chair can do to help alleviate pain.

1. Easing Muscle Pain Caused By Inflammation

Your muscles and joints get inflamed when you have overused them, or if you suffer from chronic conditions like arthritis. Massaging muscles regularly can cut down on the swelling brought on by inflammation, and also reduces cytokines, one of the key compounds that lead to inflammation.

2. Help Muscles Recover With Less Pain Medication

If you struggle with chronic pain, or just have a lot of muscle pain during training, or due to age, you probably already know the dangers of overdoing even mild, over-the-counter pain medication. Overexposure to pain medication can cause you to become desensitized, and even cause kidney and liver problems long-term.

Massages have been proven to promote healing, which also makes it perfect when you’re looking for ways to extend your exercise regime to push past the pain. It’s healthier and safer than increased pain medication.

3. Boost Your Muscle Fitness

Because of the healing properties of massage, you can exercise harder and better than you ever have. Daily massage has been shown to increase strength, stamina, and flexibility in your muscle groups. They’re shown to be consistently better for treating damaged or strained muscles than ice baths long-term and less likely to cause accidental damage. Plus, let’s be honest, a nice warm massage is a lot more comfortable on your aching muscles than an ice bath!

4. Reduce Delayed Muscle Pains Without Expensive Treatment

A daily sit down in your massage chair is something your body, and your wallet can thank you for! As you continue to push your muscles to their limits, especially in the gym, or training for sports, you’ll experience delayed muscle soreness at certain trigger points.

Your massage chairs can be easily programmed to target trouble areas, and it’s easy to squeeze in a half hour massage when it’s all in the comfort of your own home. That means less or no physiotherapy, acupuncture, or other training regimes that cut into your day, and your wallet. And a daily massage has been shown to be more effective at handling pain than diet, acupuncture, and even chiropractic care!

5. Increased Blood Flow And Circulation

One of the ways that massage helps to relax tense muscles is to increase blood flow in your muscles and joints. Not only is this great for muscle pain, but it also helps protect against clotting for people with joint pains or suffering injuries. The increased blood flow is also good for anyone with a heart condition and can help you stay healthy long term.

6. Improves Flexibility

The more you work a muscle group, the more it can handle, and of course, that includes your joints too. But you don’t have to put yourself through an extensive training program.

Regular massages will loosen joints as well as muscles, and that leads to increased flexibility. Regular massages can also promote the growth of collagen, the substance that keeps your joints moving freely, without stiffness and pain. And because your massages will always target the same area, it will keep your trouble spots nice and supple. You’ll exercise more, sleep better, and be less likely to fall or injure yourself!

Massages aren’t just for a relaxing day at the spa with the girls. A daily massage can help you with a variety of pain problems, chronic illnesses, and even help you on your day to day workout. And a massage chair at home is a great way to get all the health benefits out of a daily massage, without spending the extra money. With a massage chair, you can promote muscle healing, flexibility, and even boost your strength. All while de-stressing in the comfort of your own home!