The good news is that research shows that fat cells, especially abdominal fat cells, are biologically active. It means that even if you are not currently happy with your belly shape, with structured exercise and a balanced diet, you can change the activities of belly fat cells and achieve a flat stomach.

Not only do abdominal exercises for home help to build your muscles firm and therefore make your belly look flatter and in the best shape, workouts also strengthen your core and reduce body weight fat that accumulates around the belly.

Strong core for better posture and a flatter belly

A strong abdomen core also improves posture so that you will stand and sit more upright. The result is also that with the right posture, your belly will look less loose. Internal muscle activation is essential when working out.

Strengthening of all three abdominal muscle groups

With correct exercises and guided training, which will help you to achieve great results, you will be able to load and straighten all three main groups of abdominal muscles, such as straight, transverse, and oblique abdominal muscles.

Loss of belly fat 

By increasing muscle mass in the stomach area, the body’s metabolism increases, and you will burn more fat. Therefore, fat loss contributes to a slimmer waist and a more elegantly shaped body line.

Study: The effect of abdominal exercises for home on firm belly 

The purpose of the study was to examine the effect of belly workouts on abdominal fat. They tested 24 healthy participants who were assigned to a control group and a group that performed workouts for six weeks. Every day they did seven belly exercises with two sets of ten repetitions. They found that six weeks of training was not enough to reduce subcutaneous belly fat, but the training significantly improved muscle strength, firmness, and endurance to achieve a flat stomach.

Workouts for the upper abdominal muscles

Crunch training is ideal if you would like to strengthen your upper abdominal muscles. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Lie on your back with your feet against the floor,
  • gently place your hands behind your head, while your elbows are spaced out,
  • when uplifting, make sure you try to bring your chest closer to your raised knees,
  • during the lift, keep the lumbar part of the back in a neutral position,
  • exhale deeply when you reach the final point and slowly go down to the starting position. 

Working out the lower abdominal muscles

The so-called candle is among the best abdominal exercises for home if you would like to shape your lower belly muscles. Here is how you can do it:

  • Lie on your back, place your hands next to the body and extend your legs in a vertical direction,
  • push your legs as high as possible and try to control pelvic rotation,
  • when pushing the legs up, hold your palms on the floor, 
  • move the heels only in the vertical direction and not back and forth
  • make sure your torso is active at all times, as you move the lumbar area away from the ground. 

Strengthening the lateral abdominal muscles

Training the lateral abdominal muscles contributes to a slimmer waist, so you can strengthen this muscle group by accurately performing the exercise, which we call sedentary rotation.

  • Sit on the floor, bend your legs and lean slightly on your heels for support,
  • extend your arms in front of you at a right angle and straighten your back,
  • alternately rotate the torso by moving your arms left and right,
  • when you reach the final point, exhale the air and squeeze the core muscles hard. 

Comprehensive abdominal training without aids

If you would like to work out without aids and achieve the best results in the comfort of your home, you can watch a video of abdominal training at Transform your belly and gain a slim waistline with just 30 minutes a day of abdominal exercises for home.

What about nutrition?

Exercises will strengthen and define your abdominal muscles and achieve a flat stomach, but don’t forget about hydration, rest, and, above all, proper nutrition. If you are not entirely sure what, how, and when to eat, you can also solve the quiz and find out about the menu that fits your needs so that you can achieve the optimal results.

Name: Michael Gersic
Bio: Michael Gersic is a personal trainer and author of many weight-loss and muscle building programs.