We have countless articles about why you should get proper sleep, and how you can achieve it. If you are having trouble sleeping, it’s important you make changes to your lifestyle, or figure out why you’re feeling this way. If you are at a loss, going to therapy or counseling can help you get back on track.

With that said, we know that some days, it’s inevitable that you get a bad night’s sleep. Maybe you had to get up early for a doctor’s appointment, or you just had a bad night’s sleep despite having healthy sleep hygiene. It happens. Show us a person who gets a perfect night’s sleep every night and we’ll show you a unicorn. 

With that said, you may feel tempted to skip the gym when you’re exhausted from not much sleep. However, this should not be a practice, and for two reasons, which are:

Working Out Can Reverse Some Effects of Not Sleeping 

Obviously, the best way to treat your tiredness is to get some sleep, but if you can’t do that, working out can give you more energy, improve your mood, and make it easier for you to fall asleep when you’re ready to do so. Not working out may only enable how you feel. 

You Don’t Want to Fall Out of Routine 

You should stick to your workout routine come rain, shine, or having a bad day. Unless you’re sick, skipping your routine because you’re tired is a slippery slope you don’t want to go down. 

With that said, what are some ways you can work out when you’re feeling exhausted? Here are a few of them. 

Do It Earlier 

Not everyone can adjust their gym schedule, but if you are able to move going to the gym to the morning or afternoon, do it. Not only can it give you the energy for you to go about the rest of the day, but you’re much less likely to skip going to the gym if you  do it right away and don’t wait until the evening. 

You Don’t Have to Go Too Hard 

While you shouldn’t skip your workout, you can take it easier. Make it a more lightweight day. Lift some light weights instead of deadlifting a bunch of weight. Go on a brisk jog instead of running as fast as you can. Obviously, you shouldn’t slack off, but you can take it a little easier. 

Try Taking a Power Nap 

Napping for hours isn’t that good when you missed out on sleep, but with that said, you should try to power nap. Taking a nap that’s under 30 minutes can be the energy boost you need. Just find a dark room, a comfortable place to nap, and try it. Even if you don’t fall asleep, just closing your eyes and resting can be enough. Power napping is something you may not perfect the first time, but it’s worth trying. Especially if you take some coffee. 

Use Energy Drinks, But Wisely

Obviously, you shouldn’t take an energy drink close to bedtime. However, taking one before you work out may be able to help you. With that said, you need to take them wisely. Having a cup of coffee a shot of energy drink, or a couple scoops of preworkout may be able to help, but too much can be dangerous and make you crash. It’s important to strike that balance in all parts of life, and this especially applies to energy drink consumption.

Listen to Some Energetic Music 

Working out while listening to some upbeat, energetic, or heavy music is already good for your workout, giving you more energy in most situations. However, when you haven’t had much sleep, it can keep you going. Try playing some of your favorite tunes and see how that works. 

Work Out Outside 

If it’s nice outside, why not skip the treadmill and run outside, or try doing some of your workout out there? The light from the sun and the fresh air can give you energy and wake you up. After all, the sun helps to regulate your sleep cycles.