Our body has its method of detoxing toxins in our body. It gets rid of toxins through sweat, urine, and our liver. However, our organs can be overworked and might need a break from time to time. There are many types of cellular detox, and they give different results.

There is one detox diet that has been getting a lot of attention recently, which is cellular detox. The other term for it is cellular cleansing; it is a natural procedure that helps to remove harmful toxins from our body on a cellular level. Cellular detox includes cleansing residues of household cleaners, processed foods that can be toxic, synthetic medications, air, and water impurities, and things that are toxic at a cellular level. As toxins damage cell properties and affect cell functions throughout the body. This is why it is necessary to detox your system as often as possible. Here are some ways that cellular detox improves your overall health:

Flushes Out Toxins In The Body

Most of the time, toxins are unknowingly ingested into our bodies. One’s diet, drinking preference, and smoking can accumulate toxins in your body. If you frequently engage in any of these, you’ll have to go through periodical detox to cleanse your body. Doing a detox may  require a change in diet, and putting an end to harmful vices, such as drinking and smoking.

Another thing you can do to achieve faster results is doing cellular detox. There are detox kits available from reputable stores like NuVision Excel that you can check to start your journey in cellular detox. When you begin the process of detoxing, it gradually flushes out all the toxins from your body system. With the toxins out of your system, you will experience better overall health.

Prevents Malabsorption

The human body is designed to get needed nutrients from things you usually eat. Essential nutrients from the food we consume are absorbed to be converted to something useful to be used by our bodies. However, when exposed to harmful substances, it can result in the accumulation of toxins in our body. This prevents our body from quickly absorbing other essential nutrients and will result in malabsorption.

A proper detox will ensure that your body gets rid of the toxins build-up. It also allows your body to absorb all the necessary nutrients the body needs. Quick absorption is possible because your cells no longer have to overwork to filter harmful substances.

Boosts Your Immune System

Immunity is the ability of the body to fight off harmful infections in your body. Viruses, bacteria, or parasites mostly cause infection and diseases. You can also acquire infections through another person or contaminated food and water.

If you detox regularly, your body can create a defense mechanism against pathogens that causes infections as you gradually flush them out; your body can easily recognize that these are toxins that need to be flushed out. This way, it boosts your immune system and keeps you healthy.

If toxins in your body accumulate over time, your cells may have difficulties distinguishing harmful substances from essential nutrients. Their ability to fight off pathogens will significantly reduce as they’ll have to do the extra work to control toxins’ effect on the body.

This is why you should carry out routine cellular detox to get rid of toxins that will tell your immune system to respond well. Carrying out regular detox using Cellular Detox kits will boost your immunity, and stronger resistance means better overall health.

Cellular Detox Can Induce Homeostasis

The word homeostasis comes from the Greek words for ”same” and “steady,” and homeostasis refers to the process that actively maintains stable conditions that are necessary for survival. Through homeostasis, our body carefully maintains essential level conditions like water, salt, protein, sugar, fat, calcium, and oxygen levels in our blood. It is important to note that homeostatic reactions are automatic and inevitable if our body is properly functioning. This occurs when every organ in your body is coherently working, and this makes our body in a stable condition.

Homeostasis can be achieved when our cells perform their functions in an efficient regulated manner. It means your body is in a state of balance and can resist any negative changes that want to alter this balance. When your body fulfills homeostasis, you tend to feel very great and invincible.

However, a lot of things can affect when your body undergoes homeostasis. One of the things is the toxins accumulated in your body. When your cells are often exposed and immersed in toxins, these harmful substances will gradually alter your body’s balance until you lose stability.

The best way to recoup homeostasis is when you do cellular detox. Once you detox your body, it will return to a state of balance that will increase the efficiency of how your body functions.

Enhance Energy Levels

Excessive toxins build-up can affect one’s energy, leading to being stagnant, tired every time, and overall lack of energy. It is a sign that your body cannot absorb and efficiently use the nutrients from the food you eat.

Detoxifying your body will help in absorbing nutrients better and restore depleted energy levels. It will also clear the toxins that have been making you lose stamina. Once done, you will feel lighter and energetic than you have been before the detox.

Improves Mental Health

Going through cellular detox is also beneficial to one’s mental health as well. Detoxification is usually included in treatment programs when recovering from mental health problems such as experiencing depression, PTSD, and addictions. For example, when someone is experiencing alcohol addiction, they may be recommended to do a detox to overcome their addiction. The center of certification in the body is our liver, and it undergoes two processes when doing a detox.

Phase one is when the liver converts fat-soluble toxins into water-soluble by activating some enzymes, which are called Cytochrome P-450. These enzymes attach themselves to the toxins in our body to prepare them for detoxification, which is phase two; toxins in our body are then excreted through our kidneys as a form of urine.

However, our gallbladder and liver can be congested, and the symptoms you have to look out for congestions are bloodshot eyes, nausea, morning headaches, constipation, poorly formed light- colored stools, and pain under the rib cage and on your shoulders. Too much toxin build-up can affect your brain’s ability to grasp information, leading to a foggy mind. A cellular detox can help improve focus, and it will boost mental clarity.


Cellular detoxification helps you get rid of toxic substances in your body system by excreting them through urine or sweat. Cellular detox can be easily done by using detox kits and is beneficial for your overall health in a way that it allows your body to absorb essential nutrients seamlessly, boosts body immunity, and induces homeostasis to promote balance in your body.