Recliner chairs aren’t the same as they used to be. Originally designed as a combination chair and ottoman that let people save space while relaxing comfortably in front of the TV, recliners continue to offer cushiony softness that’s perfect for unwinding after a long day, a sports performance or a challenging weekend hike. There’s more to the story, though. Let’s take a closer look at how recliners can benefit athletes’ and the average Joe’s health.

Recliners take the pressure off

Standing in one place for a long time, sitting in office chairs with our feet on the floor and the seat’s edge pressed into the backs of our thighs, and slumping over our smartphones are a few common pitfalls of modern life. Try as we might, we simply can’t escape the need to work, and even with serious work toward changing our habits, mobile devices call our names and take a toll on our posture.

Recliners alleviate all of those pressure points, cradling your body and encouraging joints, tendons, and muscles to come back into alignment.

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A good recliner can enhance sleep

Since relaxation is an essential component of quality sleep, unwinding in a comfortable recliner can be a helpful part of your evening routine. If sore, stiff muscles tend to be an issue for you, then you might consider a recliner that comes with extras such as heat and massage features. To learn more about the importance of relaxation and sleep health, Bedroom Critic provides plenty of useful insight.

Here’s one very important takeaway: Recovery happens when you’re fast asleep, and if you aren’t able to relax and rest properly, your entire body will suffer. Over time, you’ll be prone to greater fatigue, you’ll have far less endurance, and your immune system will take a hit, so you’ll be more likely to catch every little bug that makes its way around. Whether you spring for a recliner or not, be sure to make rest a priority!

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Recliners help you perform better

It’s important to stay active, but stiff, sore muscles can put a real kink into your workout routine. Relaxing as part of a fitness plan might sound a bit counterproductive, but recliners can be an important part of your plan. By helping to reduce stress and tension, these comfy chairs can help you recover and get back to your favorite activities faster.

It’s easier than ever to find good-quality recliners on sale, and if you’d like to enhance your performance even more while enjoying even more relaxation, you might want to consider a reclining massage chair. Benefits include improved circulation and enhanced flexibility, which in turn can help enhance endurance, speed healing, and even make you a little less injury prone.

It’s worth noting here that a massage recliner isn’t a replacement for proper stretching or a solid warmup and cooldown routine, but it can play a major role in helping you put your best foot forward, whatever your sport of choice!

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Conditioning is an essential component of any healthy lifestyle, but recovery is just as important. Find balance by focusing on frequent relaxation, and you’ll discover that your overall well-being improves! Here’s to your health.