It’s that time of the year again! We all start with goals to get healthy and fit. When goals are based on long-term plans rather than short-term goals, they tend to fall through much faster. And you will end up feeling like a failure which is not valid. Setting attainable fitness goals is the best way to ensure we meet each goal at the estimated time. At Wheelz, you will find various tips that will be beneficial in your fitness journey.

Instead of focusing on how much weight you can lose, set goals based on what you want to achieve. Instead of focusing on how many calories you burn, focus on what your body can do for you. It will allow you to appreciate how much better it looks. Instead of focusing on how you look or how your pants fit, set fitness goals to make you stronger, healthier, and better. Below are examples of plans that you can select.

Trying new workouts monthly.

Not having the same fitness routine can be effective for your fitness journey. For one, it can get repetitive and cause your body to get used to the same movements. If you regularly follow the same exercise routine for the same amount of time, you’ll get bored, and your body will get into a plateau mode. It is the key to being consistent with exercise, and it’s not about resisting the urge to exercise.

  • How to accomplish the goal

Get new chances to work out. Go to the available classes at your gym or get in touch with a friend and ask for a run after work. You can try the various YouTube fitness classes that will work for your schedule.

Instead of following the same routine, try something different. Changing up your way can help boost your body’s strength and fitness.

Get started with online workouts that will make you feel like a new person. You can search for videos that are shorter than 30 seconds or find a variety of online fitness platforms that will allow you to do so. You might need some new equipment for home workouts and you can check out Gymgearcentral for some great options.

Stretching more

Stretching is a vital part of living a healthy life, and it can help strengthen our muscles and prevent injuries. Unfortunately, most of us don’t get enough of it. Not stretching enough can also cause injuries and muscle strains. A good stretching routine can help improve your body’s overall health.

  • How to attain this goal

When starting your workout activities, always ensure warm-up and effectively utilize the various available dynamics from the different certified trainers in the market. After the workout, remember to stretch and hold for approximately forty seconds as you target the muscle groups used during the workout session.

Please take a few minutes each morning and night to stretch and make it part of your workout routine. Set specific breaks aside for stretchings, such as yoga classes or commercial breaks. Doing so will help keep your body busy and flexible throughout the day.

These stretches can help improve digestion, relieve tension, and improve sleep.

Perfecting your form

Not having the proper form when you work out could prevent you from hitting your fitness goals and sustaining injuries. Proper workout form helps you maximize your energy use by developing adequate muscle movement. Good form also helps you get stronger, healthier, and run faster than when you have not perfected your form.

  • How to accomplish this goal

If you are looking for a personal trainer, then this is the place for you. You can get one-on-one attention from a certified trainer to help you improve your form. Watch videos of people performing the same move on YouTube to learn the proper form. Doing so will help improve your technique and make it easier to perform.

If you love fitness classes, then utilize the instructor. Many types of fitness classes are great for people with limited time or inclination or ask to talk to someone about the movements that you’re not sure about.

It is also a great time to focus on form when you’re feeling tired and never increase your weights or reps until you are sure that your form will not be compromised.

Have a workout friend

Do you have a buddy or significant other who also has a New Year’s Resolution plan on fitness? Have them as your accountability buddy by sending them healthy recipes, motivational quotes, and keeping up with their goals. You don’t have to have the same fitness goals to motivate each other, but having a few goals and a few plans helps.

  • How to accomplish this goal

Get up early and work out with your workout buddy or a coworker before the office hours start. Make friends with people at your gym or work out with them online.

Instead of going out to a coffee date or a happy hour, try something different.

Every week do something active that will help you feel calm.

Fitness is not about being focused on working out hard all the time. You have to be serious about your rest days and not just about your workout days. It would be best if you also focused on other aspects of your life like mental health contributing factors towards great fitness. Instead of focusing on intense workouts, try something that makes you feel calm. Stick to Your Goal!

  • How to accomplish this goal

Instead of trying to do the same HIIT class every day, try something different. You can try various yoga classes or work out in the comfort of your home.

If the weather outside is excellent and you need a break from the gym or exercise equipment, take a walk. Listen to your favorite podcast while you exercise, and do not forget to put on your most comfortable workout shoes.

In conclusion, if you wish to attain a certain level of fitness, there are different factors that you will have to implement into your workout plan. Even when you strive towards your fitness goals, remember that your mental and emotional states contribute highly towards ensuring you attain your purposes at all times. Keep up the form working for you, and have a licensed trainer check into your workout plan.