For many of us, installing new windows is just one out of many ways to boost the appeal of our house. But did you know that new windows have a positive impact on our health? You might have thought about ventilation and adequate lighting, but while it’s true, there are many other things to know. 

We have contacted Ecoline, Canadian window replacement experts, and together compiled this list of health benefits you get from installing them Interested? Keep reading!

New windows reduce dust and allergens

Over time, dust builds up throughout your home, especially if you leave the windows open for a long while. When dust gets in, they cause allergic reactions that cause you to cough frequently, sneeze, and trigger asthmatic symptoms for some. But with new windows, you get to keep dust and allergens outside for as long as possible while using an air conditioner as an alternative for ventilation.

New windows block out noise and improve serenity

Noise pollution can take a toll on our health: leading to partial or total hearing loss,  heart diseases, stress, and insomnia. With replacement windows, you can block out noise that is detrimental to your health. Every window comes with a varying STC rating, which indicates how good your unit is at blocking the sound waves.

As a rule, the higher the STS rating, the better would be the sound control. The standard rating for single-pane windows is 18-20. But for most Canadian homes, double glazed windows are now considered a standard with an STS rating of 28-32. You can go even further and purchase triple-pane units for exceptional sound control but always consider your overall situation so as not to overpay for something you might not need.

New windows properly regulate the temperature in your house

With new windows, you can reduce the influence the weather outside has on the temperature in your apartment. Modern windows come with cutting-edge LoE glass and are properly sealed. What does it mean? In simple words, you do not have to worry about the weather’s impact on the temperature within your space. Stay warm in winter, and cool in summer.

Thus, new units help you battle harsh weather conditions and protect you from the negative impact it has on your health.

No condensation to worry about

Condensation adds moisture to the air that poses a threat to your health. It also settles into walls and window frames, forming moulds and mildews, which further threatens your health. They are tightly sealed and barely have any air gaps that allow condensation to get inside them, thereby eliminating the risk of illnesses that moulds and mildews bring.

Other Benefits of New Windows Besides Health Improvement

  • Energy-efficiency

Drafty and old windows are not doing your utility bills any favours, that’s for sure.  They are also properly insulated so that you won’t experience heating and cooling loss. But how to know that a window you buy is energy efficient? One of the easiest ways to find such a unit is to look for the Energy Star logo and ask your local installer about it. 

Energy Star-rated windows are incredibly efficient and have to meet a variety of standards and restrictions to get the badge. These certified windows are approximately 20% more energy efficient than the average replacement window. Thus, homeowners can expect a significant reduction in their annual energy bills. 

  • Improved curb appeal

With new windows, you can give your curb a stunning look like never before. The aesthetic finishes, a variety of window styles and painting will complement any house design. What is more, new windows always add to the sale’s value of your property, so you can expect a more significant profit if you are about to sell the house.

  • Extra security 

Ones that are difficult to open on the outside make it impossible for burglars to come in, hence, providing the security every homeowner desires. These windows also come with locks and durable materials that make breaking into your home difficult. They also serve as an escape route in the case of hazardous events, as seen with the use of egress windows as a fire escape.


They can provide certain benefits that keep us healthy and safe, hence, installing them in your house should be a priority. And these benefits will last for a really long time. While the cost of installing them might seem a bit pricey at first, the result is always worth the investment.