Cannabidiol or CBD is quite the rage these days. The cannabinoid is extracted from the marijuana plant and is used by many people as an alternative treatment for pain.

Various medical research has found numerous medical benefits of using CBD and it has shown significant evidence in treating pain related disorders. So, it is preferred by many people as a means for pain management.

CBD can play a role in treating chronic ailments like arthritis due to its analgesic properties. In this article we will discuss in detail how CBD can help provide relief from pain and inflammation resulting from arthritis.

Effect of CBD on Arthritis

CBD has great potential in treating pain disorders, chronic pain and inflammation resulting from arthritis. The exact workings of CBD is not particularly well known but researchers believe that the CBD compounds attach to the CBD receptors in our body which help in the reduction of inflammation due to pain.

CBD can be ingested in the form of capsules and are also available in the form of an oil. You can ingest the CBD capsules orally or apply the oil on the joints that are affected.

Although CBD shows analgesic properties, unlike drugstore medicines and prescribed painkillers, they don’t show any side effects. CBD is composed entirely of natural ingredients so there is no side effect to it as compared to prescribed drugs.

CBD entering a patient’s body, attaches to CBD 2 receptors in their brain, which plays a role in our immune system and the management of pain and inflammation caused by arthritis.

It may also cause the body to generate natural cannabinoids, which then attach to the CBD 2 receptors and helps in inflammation management. This is due to the fact that CBD attaches to the receptors in an individual’s brain, and is believed to assist in inflammation management caused by autoimmune inflammatory disorders like arthritis.

Although it is not yet registered as a first line medication for arthritis, one can still use it as an adjunct to the prescribed medications.

CBD research for arthritis is still in its pre-clinical stage and open to further introspection. But in many cases it has shown significant evidence in relieving inflammation and overall joint pain in arthritic individuals.

Even though more studies need to be performed to derive a more conclusive result you can still use CBD to manage pain and inflammation.

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CBD and Side Effects

  • The prescribed drugs that you take for pain management are basically pain killers, which show many adverse side effects like digestive complications, sleep disruptions and irritability etc. Due to this, many people seek a natural alternative devoid of side effects. CBD is made completely from natural ingredients and thus show no harsh side effects like many painkillers.
  • Painkillers that we consume tend to have a habit forming quality. CBD does not show any effects of this kind. But before you shift from prescribed drugs to a CBD treatment, do consult your doctor.

Wrapping up

People all over the world are realizing the benefits of CBD. It is rapidly gaining popularity in the market as an all-natural remedy for pain management and effective reduction in inflammation. It is opted by many as a nature remedy for aches, pains and inflammation.