Your teeth are the beauty of your smile. Having unhealthy, broken, or missing teeth could affect your confidence and make you feel less than perfect. It could also influence your oral health negatively. No one deserves to suffer from anything that could affect their confidence, self-esteem, and health. Irrespective of your case, a dental implant is the best option for you to restore your oral health and bring your smile back to its perfect state. Read through this article to learn how dental implants Oakville would improve your dental health.

What Are Dental Implants, And How Do They Work?

Dental implants are improvised tooth roots fixed into the jawbone through surgical procedures. It is often small, looks like a titanium screw, and is meant to replace the root of the missing tooth or teeth. Don’t be ruffled by the sound of surgery. The procedure is a minor and routine one that will cause no pain as local anesthetics will be applied. Dental implants in Oakville are the best option for you to have the missing tooth fixed.

What is the idea of a dental implant? They should be placed in the position of the missing tooth. When the artificial tooth roots are attached to the jaw bone, it is watched for over a few months. The bone grows gradually around the implant, making it firmly rooted in its position. The final crown, the replacement tooth, is joined to the implant using a metal connector, hereby replacing the missing tooth.

How Would Dental Implants Improve Your Dental Health?

Firstly, you may wonder why you should choose a dental implant when other options like dentures are available. Dentures may be able to give you what you want but only temporarily. They often shift while talking or eating, which can be embarrassing and discomforting. They could weaken the teeth adjacent to them and pose a lot of difficulty while cleaning. Dental Implants are long-term solutions that look and work like your natural teeth.

With dental implants, your mouth can function optimally. They are just like natural teeth, so your mouth can perform its work effectively. Talk about chewing; you can chew without difficulty as much as you would with your natural teeth. You would also be able to brush and clean up your teeth, preventing any odor and decay of your natural teeth.

Also, missing teeth can cause bone loss. When no tooth is attached in its space, the jawbone there deteriorates gradually since there is no stimulation. This causes bone loss over a long period. In addition, the use of dentures could even worsen issues. They often get loose and could rub against the bone ridges, causing them to wear out. This makes dental implants the best and most preferred option as it provides the necessary stimulation to the jawbone for its growth.

Dental implants could reduce your susceptibility to gum diseases. This is because having a missing tooth could lead to the trapping of food and bacteria. It could further lead to gum diseases that can spread and affect your natural teeth. They would fill up the space and prevent you from the risks attached to a missing tooth.

Another disadvantage of a missing tooth is that it can cause the shifting of the natural teeth toward the space. Think about a fixed tree trying to bend towards a ray of light. That is precisely how the rest of your natural teeth delve towards the direction of the missing tooth gap in a bid to fill it. This would firstly spoil your desire to have straight teeth for extra perfection. Also, the displacement could greatly affect your facial appearance as well as how you bite and chew. It doesn’t end there. It could lead to other teeth problems. A dental implant will fix your missing teeth and prevent this long cascade of unwanted and unhealthy events.

Dental Implant – Tooth Replacement Options

You can use dental implants to help your oral health and replace missing teeth in several ways. You can use them to replace a single tooth. Dental implants will work perfectly even if you have just one tooth missing. As a matter of fact, it is the best option you can go for that will make you fill like you never lost any tooth.

A dental implant would also work perfectly if you have multiple missing teeth. Your dentist knows how to help you not to need one implant for each missing tooth to save cost and help your natural teeth. Guess what? You can use a dental implant to replace every tooth in your mouth without regrets.


Your teeth have a great deal of effect on your appearance and oral and general health. A missing or broken tooth could affect your confidence and reduce your performance. Dental implants are the best options known to restore your smile back to its perfection.