If you are over 19 years, you can grow a maximum of four weed plants at home in Canada.  

However, four marijuana plants cannot meet all your weed demands, and your home climate conditions may not be ideal for the best weed yields. In that case, cannabis shops and delivery services in Burnaby come handy. 

But perhaps you’re still conflicted on whether you can rely on delivery services for supplies. Well, not all delivery agents in Burnaby are reliable, so you can only rely on weed delivery services if they meet these conditions: 


It’s easy getting weed delivery in Burnaby; it just depends on how much you can trust the delivery company. Despite the legalization of marijuana for commercial use, some people still sell black market products. However, you can tell if the service is legal by looking at the quality of weed products they offer. 

A legit delivery service will have high-quality products since they care about their reputation and competition from other brands. Be wary of companies that sell and deliver unreasonable low prices because they may compromise quality.

Selection Menu

Most delivery services have a list of cannabis products they sell on their websites. Scan through the products on their list and see if they have the ones you want. A good and dependable dispensary should provide a wide inventory to enable you to choose products you like.

If they don’t have a specific strain of your preference, skip that service and look for the one selling a more comprehensive selection of weed products and a timely restocking, where you can order and have it delivered.

Safety Protocols

Every state has different regulations to ensure adherence to quality standards. For example, the federal government has specific rules on product safety and labeling. This may include the requirement to test cannabis supply from the farms to ensure they are not contaminated with heavy metals, fertilizer residues, and pesticides.

Before you decide to buy from a particular dispensary, ask them to show you a certificate of analysis (COA). Also, ensure their goods are appropriately labeled, specifying the quantity of CBD in every dose. Labeling with only cannabinoid content isn’t enough as the product may contain other compounds harmful to your health.

Service Areas

It is essential to determine if the delivery service covers the place you live in their deliveries. This is because some providers only deliver to specific locations. You can get this information from their websites or contact them directly to determine if they can deliver it to your address. 


After compiling that list of potential cannabis delivery services available, take some time to compare product prices. By doing this, you may save some cash at the end of the day since some dispensaries charge higher than others for the same quality.

Also, check out the delivery charges. Some provide free-local delivery, and you may want to consider that because it will save you money. Others require that you place an order of a certain amount for them to deliver; thus, inquire before making your purchase. In addition, some cannabis shops provide gifts or discounts for the first purchase. Take advantage of these incentives.

Same-day Delivery

If you need weed urgently, there is no point in waiting for a day longer or a few days later for your order to arrive. Some people use weed for medicinal reasons, such as to relieve pain or anxiety, and they can’t afford to wait for too long when their supplies run out. Fortunately, some agents provide same-day weed delivery services. If you need weed for medicinal purposes, ensure that the service provider can meet your timeline needs without delay.

Delivery Hours

It is important to check out the service provider’s operational hours. Some weed delivery companies have fixed delivery hours between 10 A.M and 9 P.M. Most of them provide these details on their websites, and it’s where you want to begin before placing an order. 

Go for a company with a flexible schedule that ensures you get your goods on time. You do not want to miss your cannabis session because your delivery service is not delivering at certain hours.


The Canadian cannabis industry is on an upward trajectory. It has attracted many industry players looking to make a kill out of the lucrative opportunity. However, not all product and service providers have your interests at heart. 

As a cannabis user, the vendor or delivery service you choose must be dependable. You want to pick a service that will deliver you top-quality cannabis products and, in time, also factor in their quality of customer service. You can find out about the level of their services by checking the reviews on their websites, social media, or online review sites.

Remember, finding a reliable seller and delivery service in Burnaby is the first step to enjoying premium weed products.