In today’s world businesses have found a fast and efficient way of marketing them without much struggle. Labeled water bottles have become the new thing, they make the business look more professional and have a lasting impression. Nowadays it is getting impossible to market your business or make it stand out, thus labeled water bottles make your work easy and effective.

How Can You Label Your Bottle Using Microsoft Word

MS Word is a platform mainly for writing texts and creating pdf or Microsoft documents; however, it can also be used to design labels for custom label water bottles. It is easy and simple to use and can be done quickly at home rather than hiring someone else to do it for you. All you need is a basic understanding of MS Word.

Procedure for Custom label water

1.     Choose your desired shape for the label, so let us choose a rectangle.

2.     In the “Insert” tab, select the option of “Text Box.”

3.     Draw a text box and choose the dimensions as required on the bottle. To make it look prettier, outline the shape to make it a little thicker and draw the box using your mouse.

4.     You can even add a layer to introduce a fun pattern in its background. Layers can be added by choosing the shape and sizing it correctly, adjusting the outline’s width, and starting filling in colors.

5.     According to your liking, to change the size of the box, click on the “size” option.

6.     You can find different label designs online and save them in your downloads.

7.     Select that particular image and fit it into the text box by rotating and resizing.

8.     You can further customize the label by adding texts, company names,s, and designs.

9.     Once you’re done, print as many copies as you like, and there you go, your very own customized water bottle labels are created in a matter of a few minutes.

Attaching labels to the bottle

1.     If you’re recycling water bottles rather than using new ones, then you’re going to have to remove the old labels first and scrape the glue off.

2.     Cut out the labels properly.

3.     Use packaging tape to stick the label onto the bottle.

These are extremely easy ways to customize your water bottles for any specific occasion, whether it’s a house party or for a formal event.


Customized water bottle labels are also designed on another exciting application called “Inkscape”. It’s free of cost and a “Vector Graphics Program.” It has many similarities with “Illustrator.”

Materials Needed

For labels, there aren’t many expensive materials that go in its making; all you need is

·         Two inches wide clear packaging tape.

·         Decorative paper or clear paper(in case of printing on it)

·         Scissors.

·         New or recycled water bottles.

·         Printer

·         Laptop or computer with any desired application like Inscape or Ms. Word etc.

These are easy DIYs that can be done at home and express your creativity and designing skills. These applications can become a platform to make cute, adorable, and personalized labels for both business and non-business owners.