Q. Ok give us the dime store run down; Who is Jennie Marshall?

Well, I was born in Edmonton, as were both of my parents. So, my roots in this city grow deep. I’m known as your ‘Expert In Everything Edmonton’, A title I bestowed on myself, but in the ultimate Act Of Fruition, Edmonton Tourism actually branded me with the designation as one of their #YEG Explorer Edmonton Experts – And I have the solid gold pin to prove it! But seriously, being an ambassador for this city, exploring all there is in the City of Champions, brings me so much joy… We are truly blessed to live in such a vibrant, flourishing city. 

Q. For those who follow you on Snapchat, Instagram & Twitter, it seems like your life is just one big party. Is that true or are looks deceiving?

Ha, I actually hear that quite a lot. And yes, for as long as I can remember, life has been one party, function or event after another. Years ago the word ‘socialite’ was used, now it’s ‘influencer’ – I’m not really into all that, all I know is that I thrive on being out on the town, meeting new people, trying new things, creating new experiences, all while supporting the local food, fashion and arts scene. In any given week I can be attending anywhere from 5 to 15 different events; from opening night of Alberta Ballet or Edmonton Opera, attending an Oiler Game, tasting new menus from the best and brightest chefs and restaurants in the city, or throwing my own swaray. And I REALLY love being able to let others know about all the amazing festivals, restaurants, shops, theatre, and everything else that’s crazy cool and happening in River City.

Q. The Holiday Season is approaching, which means lots of parties filled with food and alcohol, what are some ways to curb temptation and prevent over-indulging?

First off, ‘Treat Yo-Self!’. You work hard, so you deserve to play hard… just make sure it’s a cheat day, not a cheat week (or month – December is a doozy!). But if you do have a ton of parties to attend, or a party not on a day you want to indulge, I suggest eating a healthy but small dinner before arriving; if you enter famished, you will destroy the cheese plate, and possibly the dessert table too. Limit your alcohol by subbing in blanks, a flavoured sparkling soda in a champagne flute usually does the trick – make a pact with a friend to keep each other accountable. And set a designated time to leave, if you find you get carried away and lose track of time, set an alarm on your phone to tell you it’s time to leave, or pre-order your Uber to pick you up at that predetermined time. 

Q. What are Your Top 3 “Pro Tips” for maintaining overall health?

  1. Sleep. If I don’t get enough sleep, I don’t have the energy to get work done, to work out or do anything else and give it 100%. I don’t feel alert and present, and it’s easier to over eat, and drink too much. I honestly believe that sleep is the secret to success. Get as much as you can and make sleep a priority. We’ve come to live in a culture where lack of sleep is praised – it should be the opposite. If you got 10 hours of sleep last night, DM me so I can tell you what a Rock Star you are.
  2. Hydration! Green tea, lemon water, coconut water, green juice. I am constantly hydrating. The more hydrated and lubricated you are, the better you’re going to feel, look and function. So, go suck down some liquids right now!
  3. All The Fiber: For me, it’s all about breakfast and the rule of thumb: Fiber Is Your Friend. No seriously, fiber is not just your friend, it’s your BFF, your boo, your constant companion and compatriot. Because I eat out so often for lunch or dinner, every day I make breakfast the healthiest meal of the day, and I uber load up with fiber. Most days I eat an organic, Ancient Grains cereal loaded with fresh berries, psyllium husks, hemp seeds, and organic granola. In order to keep healthy and fit, you have got to keep your body constantly moving… on the outside, as well as on the inside (wink, wink).  

Q. Let’s talk fitness, how/where do you find time to get workouts in?

Wherever and whenever I can. I’m not great at working out on my own, I’ll just never be the type of person who can solo walk into a gym, so I typically gravitate towards yoga, Pilates or barre classes. Especially classes that are constantly changing it up – I don’t feel motivated to do the same thing over and over. I don’t work a typical 9-5, evenings are often my busy time, so for me late mornings or early afternoons are the best time for me to work out, and unfortunately that’s not ‘peak’ period for group classes. Having a FitSet Pass is a real help. There are over 80 (mostly all locally owned) fitness facilities across the city that you can go to with your pass, so I can usually always find a class wherever I am, at the time of day I need. It is so brilliant!

I also have an amazing friend who works as a Personal Trainer, I try to see her once a week, and luckily she lives close to me and can work out during my desired hours. If you’re going to get out there, I find proximity is key – no one wants to drive across the city, especially in the winter, for a workout. And finally, I embrace the outdoors as much as possible, from skating and skiing in the winter, to sailing, hiking and golf in the summer. And all of those can be very social activities, if you let them be.  

Q. So is it safe to say that you are a “Social Instigator” when it comes to fitness, as well?

Yes, I’m definitely the instigator in my group of friends, for everything! The person who rallies everyone together, who makes the plans, and hounds everyone to Be There! Not everyone is a Squad Commander (as I’m often referred to), if you’re not, find one. And if you are one, shake things up with your friends. I often combine fitness with fun, to maintain a healthy Fit/Fun balance. For instance, having a backyard Margarita Party, and taking everyone on a hike through the river valley during the party. Brunches at my cabin always come with a side of fitness – either in the water, or long walks along it. And who doesn’t love après ski? There are lots of places in Edmonton to rent cross country skis, and trails all across the city, through-out the River Valley and quite a few golf courses, too! Follow that with a fondue and wine night, and you have a legit Winter Weekend in Edmonton.   

Q. Final thoughts or tips.

Dress for success: If I find myself getting in a rut of not working out, of feeling unmotivated, I dress the part. It’s like the saying “fake it till you make it” – if I wake up and put on my cutest, brightest set of lululemons and Nike Trainers, instead of jeans and a tee, guess what? I’m instantly motivated to not just look the part, but act on it. It truly is incredible the power of clothing; the right outfit for the job makes all the difference.