Tom Brady has enjoyed unparalleled success during his 20-year NFL career. He continues to achieve extraordinary results on the field, despite reaching his forties.

After 20 years with the New England Patriots, he has branched off to Florida to play potentially the final two years of his tenure with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He is confident of bringing the same level of success to the Bucs as he did with the Patriots.

It stems from an unwavering belief in the TB12 Method – a fitness and lifestyle plan that the quarterback has developed with his friend Alex Guerrero.  Brady, who is now 43, has the challenge of remaining at the peak of his powers to guide the Bucs towards the promised land of the Super Bowl.

Other quarterbacks have followed suit with his method, including Aaron Rodgers and Kirk Cousins. It could be a lesson that filters down the ranks even to college where the leading contenders to be the first-overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft in the American football odds – Justin Fields and Trevor Lawrence could benefit in the long and short term.  Tom Brady will continue to rely on the core principles of his TB12 Method, which are as follows:


Brady insists that being pliable is his most important trait to remain fit and healthy on the field. He and Guerrero suggest that having malleable muscles rather than ones that focus on size and strength is the key to avoiding injuries. As a result, the quarterback does not use many traditional weights in his workouts.

He uses resistance bands to work against his own weight and pressure along with receiving regular massages to ensure they’re loose and limber. The science behind being pliable is about promoting increased blood and lymph circulation to the muscles, ensuring that they’re well oxygenated to prevent injuries. It seems to have credence as Tom Brady has not missed a game because of injury since tearing his ACL in September 2008.


Brady has a very strict diet and has a serious dislike of processed sugar – taking aim at the famous breakfast cereal Frosted Flakes in particular. Tomatoes also come under fire along with strawberries, which baffles the ordinary person. Surely they’re fruit and good for you?

Not according to Tom Brady and his method. Tomatoes are nightshades, which promote inflammation in the body. It’s a major no as inflammation can cause tightening of the muscles and surrounding tissues. As previously mentioned, pliability and the resulting muscles looseness is perhaps the most important factor of his method. Strawberries and other sugary fruits also fall under this category – forget about candy.


Brady is a massive advocate of ensuring he is well-rested. He has a strict bedtime of 9 pm and he gets nine hours of sleep on most evenings, rising at 6 am. Brady and Guerrero insist that resting the muscles after an intense workout is just as important as exercising them.

It also helps rest the brain and mind, keeping the body flowing like a well-oiled machine. There don’t appear to be many late nights in the Brady household, but it’s a method that has brought him success and longevity in a sport where careers can be ended in a split-second.

Tom Brady has defied age thus far, becoming the oldest quarterback to win a Super Bowl at the age of 41. Time will tell if he does it again, but is clear that his dedication to the TB12 method has helped him stay at his peak for longer.