Exercise affects all aspects of our bodies including our ears, nose, and throat. However, you should check with the best Marrero ENT specialist before beginning an exercise regimen if you have preexisting ENT issues.

Exercising our bodies affect our ears, nose, and throat health in the following ways:

Strengthening the Immune System

If you exercise consistently, you will develop a stronger immune system than one who does not. It is especially so considering the sedentary lifestyles the vast majority of us lead.

When you have a strong immune system, you can more easily fight off bacterial and viral infections that may affect your ENT health. Therefore, ENT conditions such as ear infections and sinusitis are prevented and when they develop are promptly and effectively dealt with by your immune system.

Having a strong immune system benefits the whole body and not just your ears, nose and throat. The body is very interconnected and you can always do with a stronger immune system.

Reduce Stress

The effects of exercise on health have been well documented. It has been repeatedly shown that exercise is a very effective and natural stress management tool. Stress is one of the main disease-causing agents in the human body. When you are subject to a lot of stress, your entire body suffers including your ears, nose, and throat.

When your mental health is good, your physical health will follow suit. Therefore, exercise ensures that our ENT health is great by releasing endorphins and other positive elements in the body that reduce stress.

Reducing Inflammation

Inflammation is the main culprit as far as many health disorders are concerned. That includes infections that affect your ears, nose, and throat.

Exercising the body makes it very effective at preventing inflammation. In turn, the body is less prone to inflammation attacks such as those that lead to ear and throat infections.

It can also reduce inflammation by strengthening the immune system. That way, whenever your ears, nose, or throat are inflamed, they are easily healed and restored to normal.

Boosts Mucus Production and Flow

Mucus is an important element to proper functioning of plenty of bodily processes. However, when mucus builds up in the body or there is a lack of it it can lead to many diseases especially those affecting your ENT health.

Anyone who has ever exercised knows that you will produce a lot of mucus. Your nose and throat will be well lubricated hence preventing the build up of mucus that causes disease. It is very important to have good flow of mucus in the body. Cardiovascular exercises are particularly helpful in this regard.

Pressure Build Up

A negative way in which exercise can affect your ENT health is by causing a buildup of pressure especially in the ears also known as intracranial pressure. It is especially so if you hold your breath when performing strenuous resistance training.

Having too much pressure in your ears will usually manifest itself as ringing in the ears after exercise. In extreme cases, the pressure can result in a tear in the inner ear.