We do all kinds of exercise and working out to keep our bodies in good shape, but many often neglect to do exercises to work their mind too. Following the past year and those who have been stuck inside may have found themselves getting more fatigued, particularly those turning to some of the favourite gaming options like Spin Casino online, which have been gaining popularity. It has been shown that gaming can certainly help inspire creativity and problem solving however and may be something useful to add to your exercise regime to keep your mind sharp too.

Reaction & Hand-Eye co-ordination – It’ll come as no surprise to many that the two biggest benefits are in both reaction times and hand-eye co-ordination, as both are essential to things like competitive gaming. Studies conducted early on suggested that gamers, particularly those at the very top of whatever they play, can often have reaction times up to twice as fast as their non-gamer counter parts. Also, that faster paced games can be key in helping increase hand-eye co-ordination too. If you’re a newcomer to gaming, you may find yourself looking down at the controller or keyboard often early on, but over time not needing to look as much or reacting faster to what’s happening on screen. Whilst part of this is developing the muscle memory, it may also be some much-needed brain exercise helping you to improve in these areas.

Memory and pattern recognition ­– Another big one has been shown particularly in the two areas of pattern recognition and memory, and one genre over this past year has helped many people here. One of the fastest growing gaming genres has been found within online casinos and with a huge number of titles involved there are different skills required, but things like Poker at online casinos have helped many newcomers work on these two areas by deducing what other players have. Recognizing the patterns that come during different parts of the game, and developing memory skills to help identify winning odds. It is just one of many examples, but both are areas that gaming can help to train.

Creativity – It will also come as no surprise that big sandbox style games also foster a lot of creativity in players too. Games like Minecraft have shown this over the year especially amongst younger players as huge buildings and big projects have shown just how creative players can be, and whilst you may not feel you’re the most creative, these kinds of games can help you take a fresh look at something and be more creative with your approach. Also much in the same way they help with problem solving, games can also help you be more creative with how you approach different challenges, and the ways you overcome them.

Demographics and audiences never before attracted to gaming have certainly started to find a new interest, and many titles can help give your brain a little workout too – it’s certainly worth giving a try.