Yes. You did read that correctly; it isn’t a spelling mistake. Joga is a form of yoga specifically designed for athletic body types and is designed to not only help with injuries which have already occurred but to also aid in the prevention of future injuries. Joga was created by Jana Webb, and is now being practiced internationally at various athletic levels.

Bree doesn’t know I am writing this.

I fell in love with Joga in November of 2015 when Bree Guhle became an instructor at the facility I was currently working at. She is the sweetest, smartest, kindest and most understandable person on the planet. She doesn’t believe in forcing the body into positions that would comprise an injury or even cause one. I struggle with yoga because I am not flexible, I can’t touch my toes, do a headstand or even a back bend. I have sports related injuries, and this was hands down beyond beneficial. For myself, my entire right side is permanently “off kilter”. My knee and ankle serve as thermometers in the winter months, and my hip flexor is permanently tight. Joga made basic movements easier for me. The more I practiced the easier it became…not ever did I think I would be able to do a full fist push up. Joga focus’ on rehabilitation of the body rather than stretching everything out in under sixty minutes. Because class sizes are smaller you are able to focus more on specifics rather than flow movements.

Joga Training

I honestly and completely believe that Joga saved my body. I went from being in constant pain to finding strength in places I didn’t know existed.

If it wasn’t for an email sent in February of 2015 I would never have known this. So, go and try it. See what I am talking about.

For myself, I plan on incorporating smaller Joga movements into my morning wake up routine. I have been craving the challenging feeling that overcomes my body when practicing Joga.

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