Aging can take a toll on your aesthetics, even affecting your neck. You might notice aging signs and even darkening of the neck, a sight that will always expose your self-consciousness. Aging is one area you cannot interfere with, however, with the help of Robert M. Schwarcz, MD, all that can change. Find yourself a Scarsdale neck lift expert who will transform your looks and appreciate your skin even as you age.

How can a neck lift transform your looks?

A neck lift refers to an aesthetic procedure that will ultimately reduce the aging signs visible on your neck. The procedure works to eliminate the following:

·         Loose skin

·         Neck wrinkles

·         Creases on the neck region

·         Jowls

Various techniques exist to help improve your overall looks. Your doctor can use the nature of your skin and your beauty goals to provide desirable looks. However, the end game in any path selected is a smooth, good-looking neck that compliments your face.

How does a neck lift compare with a facelift?

Before committing to a neck procedure, you should know that a neck and a facelift are two distinct procedures and you might have them at different times. However, many patients go for the two procedures simultaneously as they complement each other on many occasions. Doing so reduces the discomforts of separating the two.

Is a neck lift procedure painful?

No. Dr. Schwarcz is an expert in the procedure, meaning that you will get all the necessary treatments to make sure you are safe and comfortable. One common technique your doctor will use is the anesthesia that numbs and a sleeping aid to make sure you improve your looks with minimum interference to your wellbeing.

The procedure often begins when you fall asleep, at this point, your doctor makes an incision and uses various tools to reach underneath your skin. Special tools will reach your muscle fibers to firm them, with others reaching the fats to reduce their concentration. Removing the fats prevents your skin from sagging and makes it look more youthful.

Your doctor can also reposition your skin to fit into the now smaller neck volume due to the removal of fats. You will note that your neck will reduce in volume with few distinguishing marks of aging. Your doctor will complete the procedure by placing bandages at the incision points and giving you more instruction to improve your healing.

Should you go for liposuction instead of a neck lift?

You are free to select the type of procedure that will benefit your overall looks. However, the nature of skin can influence the type of procedure you select. For instance, a neck lift helps remove extra fatty layers that make your skin look old more efficiently than liposuction. However, with simple problems such as little fat but good overall skin, you can select liposuction.

Redefine the way you age with a neck uplift that considers your aesthetics. Minimize your beauty worries with the technique from Robert M. Schwarcz, MD, for a better adulthood life. Begin your journey to redefined looks with a call or make an appointment via the website.