Sometimes, traditional orthodontic treatments may not efficiently correct jaw issues. As a result, you may require orthodontic surgery to improve your bite. Orthodontic surgery is a type of surgery meant to treat skeletal problems that may prevent you from eating, chewing, and talking. If you have severe trouble with biting or are concerned with your appearance, Surgical Orthodontics Roslyn can help.

How does orthodontic surgery work?

Orthodontic surgery is performed in the hospital. The operation can take a few hours, and once it is done, your doctor may ask you to rest for at least fourteen days. It is a significant operation, and your orthodontist may recommend that you stay away from work or school until you have recovered. When the jaw heals, the orthodontist will adjust the bite to the required position. You may be given braces to wear for 12 to 18 months before the surgery. Your orthodontist will direct you on what to do throughout the treatment as it takes three phases.

How should I prepare for orthodontic surgery?

If you are going for oral surgery, you need to prepare to ensure a successful operation and quick recovery. Your doctor may take examinations to determine your condition before the procedure. The examination may include questions where you discuss what to expect with your doctor. Prepare for the appointment by:

  • Note current medications and take them to your orthodontist.
  • Plan for transportation to and from the hospital.
  • Ask your doctor about the food and drinks you may avoid.
  • Wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothes; you may want to avoid makeup and jewelry.
  • Plan the diet you will use after the procedure.

What benefits do I get from orthodontic surgery?

Your orthodontist does orthodontic surgery to correct jaw problems that affect your daily life. The procedure occurs when you experience jaw problems that the conventional methods of treatment cannot fix. The benefits of this surgery may include:

It relieves pain

This surgery may be done to relieve jaw pain. When the jaws are misaligned, one can feel pain or discomfort, and this type of surgery may help reduce it.

It improves chewing

When the jawline is improved, it aligns the teeth and improves the bite function. As a result, it improves chewing and makes you enjoy eating food that you could not chew properly.

Improves face appearance

When the jaw is improved, it results in an improvement in the face. You will feel more confident after the procedure.

Prevents wear and tear of your teeth

When your jaw is misaligned, your teeth are not evenly distributed, and this can promote wear and tear. Correcting jawline helps reduce wear and tear because of the uniform pressure put by the aligned teeth.

Better speech

A misaligned jaw affects not only eating but also your speech. When the jaw is corrected this can lead to better speech.

The overall benefit of orthodontic surgery is to improve the bite and facial appearance. You will enjoy more food, stay healthy, and enjoy life. If you would like to get help, book an appointment with your specialist at Advanced Digital Orthodontics.