As people become more self-conscious about their health and well-being, there’s a hot demand for personal trainers. However, there is also an ever increasing number of personal trainers popping up in gyms offering competitive rates to clients. 

This, combined with the fact that social media has made fitness knowledge more accessible, means that competition to get clients is tough. 

Think about it, social media is probably where most youngsters find their motivation to hit the gym, and mi\ght not be willing to pay for your services when their information is free.

Does that mean you should throw in the towel? No. Instead, you can find ways to make yourself more qualified, appealing, and set you apart from the competition and deserve the attention of potential clients.


In this article, we’ll take a look at how fitness nutrition certifications can increase your authority and give your career the boost you’ve never had!

Improves Your Credibility

Your client pool would consist of a mixed bag of those that want to lose and gain weight. If they’re paying you for your services, they don’t want generic nutrition advice they can get with a Google Search.

This is where your credibility comes in.

Generally, personal trainer courses will cover the very basics of healthy dieting and nutrition. Unfortunately, a client that has done their research won’t find this appealing.

A good fitness nutrition course will not only deepen your knowledge on nutrition, but it will also teach you how to monitor your client’s adherence to their nutrition goals and achieve long-term success. 

Having an accredited nutrition certification on top of your personal trainer certification will enhance your perceived value to prospecting clients.

Widens Your Knowledge Base

A Google search will tell you that you need x amount of protein per day to gain muscle and burn x amount of calories to lose a pound of bodyweight. Perhaps, that’s also what you learned years ago when you were taking your personal trainer course.

Science is always progressing, and people’s demand for knowledge is too. The generic nutrition advice you learned may no longer be relevant for this era and folks are hungry for more in-depth information. They also want it to be explained in a way that’s simple to understand, and who would be a better person than their personal trainer?

When you sign up for a good quality fitness nutrition course, you’ll be learning about nutrition on a more detailed level. An example would be on basic endocrinology and physiology and how they relate with nutrition. 

You can bet that this new-found knowledge is based on scientific evidence since it takes licensed nutritionists and dieticians to develop a high-quality course.

Legally, you still won’t be allowed to prescribe specific nutrition plans to your clients, but your knowledge goes a long way in giving your clients the assurance that they’re in safe, reputable hands.

Reap Networking Benefits

When you sign up for a nutrition certification course, you may have access to groups of like-minded individuals. If you’re a personal trainer, you are running your own business and as they say, your network is your net worth.

On a professional level, harnessing good relationships goes a long way. You might have contacts who have long-term clients that are moving to your city. Chances are, they are going to refer you to those clients since they want to hire people of similar credentials.

Networking within these groups has plenty of advantages. You’ll find mentors who can share their good and bad experiences, show you what methods work, as well as bringing you more business.