How Personal Training Helped My Client Look 30 Years Younger!

I have had the pleasure of working with my in home training client RJ for the past several years and his shocking transformation is something I am very proud of.

When RJ first decided to hire a personal trainer in home, he was 59 years old, 205 lbs, a size 38 waist and a 44 jacket.  His blood pressure was high and he was skipping meals all day and then gorging at night.

He would occasionally do some cardio and weights but was actually gaining fat as there was no plan and structure to his routine.

The Day RJ’s life changed…

When we first met, I knew RJ wanted to change and I could see he was willing and ready to take the wonderful step into a life changing adventure.  I took his initial measurements and we set up an in-home training plan to shed fat fast!

Initial measurements-1’st meeting:

  • Body fat 32%
  • Blood Pressure 140/85
  • Waist 38”

The In Home Training Plan!

RJ had a busy lifestyle and was working long hours so we established  2 workouts a week with an in home personal trainer for the next 3 months and 2 workouts on his own.  This would hold RJ accountable by having a trainer there but also allowed him to take some onus on his own, to get even better results!

Here’s what our plan looked like!

  • Monday- Full Body Fat Burning Program with in home trainer (45min to 60 min)
  • Wednesday- Full body fat burning on his own (45 min to 60 min)
  • Friday -Full body fat burning program with in home trainer (45min to 60 min)
  • Weekend—Bike ride, hiking or any activity that Rj enjoyed to do on his own..(30-60min)

RJ followed a meal plan that allowed him to eat frequently (the correct things) which began to increase his energy levels and in turn burned more calories.

Measurements 3 months later:

  • Body Fat 18 %
  • Blood pressure 121/75
  • Waist 32”

Oh and here is the best part:

RJ is constantly sending me text messages on how people are assuming he’s younger than his actual age..Remember he his 60 years old...The last one is my favourite.


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