Physiotherapy helps manage body pain. Body pains and aches may be caused by age, poor posture, accidents, lifestyle issues, and heavy lifting. There are various styles and methods of physiotherapy that are applied to alleviate your problems. Registered physiotherapists like Elli Luy from physiotherapy in Richmond Hill can help you to achieve an all-round healthy lifestyle including treatment for lower back pain. The combination of traditional physiotherapy techniques and the latest technological interventions makes it possible for you to experience this holistic wellness with Elli Luy.

Read below to know how physiotherapy helps manage lower back pain.

Pain Relief

Lower back pain is a common problem in today’s hectic life. You may have lifted a heavy package too quickly or slept on your bed in a poor posture. These and many other situations can cause back pain. Painkillers may help and stretching your muscles may provide relief. However, these strategies may work temporarily. You may feel comfortable for a few minutes or hours, only to find the pain sneaking back to ruin your day.

The massage that you receive from a physiotherapist has a long-lasting healing effect on your lower back. Here, the physiotherapist focuses on the relief of soft tissue and the release of tension in the muscles. Proper circulation of blood is also important if the pain that you feel is the result of minor blood clots. Physiotherapists are also trained to facilitate holistic healing. The massage works to alleviate the stress and tension that you may be experiencing when you visit the physiotherapist. By the end of the session, you may experience a relaxing effect and a reduction in pain.


Stiffness and numbness in the lower back cause pain and inability to move as flexibly as you may wish. In physiotherapy, you do exercises that are specifically meant to alleviate the pain and make your lower back more flexible. Physiotherapists are trained to ensure that you don’t do exercises that will further damage your back. Trying to do exercises at home without the required knowledge for healing may do more harm than good. Physiotherapists will tell you the correct exercises and you can do them safely under professional supervision.


In some cases, your back may be so hurt that you may struggle to stay mobile. You may have been involved in a car accident or pulled a lower back muscle while lifting or stretching. Physiotherapy provides chiropractic care which is the hands-on manipulation by chiropractors on the body part that’s damaged. Chiropractic care reduces the risk of postural damage while alleviating pain. It helps you get back to full mobility.

Weight Management

One of the reasons for lower back pain is excessive body weight. During physiotherapy, you can learn workouts that may help improve your metabolism. This will help you manage your weight easily and healthily. Through these workouts, you become more active and get the health benefits of exercising. Many avoid exercise because they become boring after some time. Also, there’s a risk of hurting yourself. Your physiotherapist may create various ways to ensure that you incorporate suitable exercises into your daily lifestyle. You can enjoy aquatic and dance sessions to relieve pain and get fitter.

Your physiotherapist may also guide you on the foods that you should take or avoid. You can find out different meals that are recommended to help your healing process. Some physiotherapists even offer to be your wellness partner by exchanging pictures of meals, sharing recipes, and checking on your overall progress regularly.


Your quality of life may become compromised if lower back pain becomes a constant feature. Physiotherapists are there to teach you how to lead a better lifestyle that will bring about the healing of your lower back. Sometimes, all one needs is an encouragement to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Physiotherapists care for your wellness outside the confines of their exercise schedules. You can schedule virtual sessions with some physiotherapists to ensure that you don’t miss out on any session because of a lack of time or falling motivation.


Physiotherapy is beneficial for lower back pain and all-round wellness. Physiotherapy for your lower back can improve mobility and flexibility, reduce pain, encourage an active lifestyle, and encourage you to eat healthily. The relationship that you form with your physiotherapist may encourage you to keep moving on your journey to recovery and wellness even after you get over the pain. Investing in physiotherapy means investing in your quality of health. Build a good professional relationship with a physiotherapist to enjoy a pain-free life.