Health appears to be a capital asset. In fact there is nothing more vital than your health. People often end by ignoring on how they harm themselves by incorporating a few unhealthy habits. If you have a cardiac health insurance plan you are protected against all type of diseases and injuries. Though it is going to provide you with complete protection, but certain factors have a major role in determining the premium. Smoking is one of the vital factors having an impact on your health and you need to pay a higher premium if you are a smoker. An insurance provider emphasis a lot if you are a smoker as it is going to shoot up the premium costs. Read on to learn more about how smoking affects your health insurance

There is a myth stating that insurance companies deny insurance to the smokers. But this is not true as they provide coverage to the smokers. Though   this is with a different set of terms along with conditions. You may be cautious on how smoking can have an impact on the health premium . The insurance company is always going to levy a higher charge of premium if they find that you are a smoker.

Smoking and Its impact on health insurance premium

Various issues are related to health which would make you pay higher premium if you smoke. If a pregnant woman smokes it can lead to osteoporosis.  Taking into consideration the gravity of the disease or deaths arising due to smoking, it is obvious that you need to pay a higher premium when it comes to health insurance. The health risks of a smoker tends to b on the higher side when you compare it with people who are not into smoking.

Smoking may lead to critical diseases like cancer. Hence it is necessary to have a critical insurance policy in place which would cover you against all such issues. Smoking is going o have its own set of drawbacks if you keep on ignoring your health. The premium on a health insurance policy has viable tax benefits.

Why it is better to disclose to an insurance company that you smoke?

 Before purchasing an insurance policy it is mandatory to the insurance company about any sort of pre-existing conditions that you possess. So as to explain the hassle free process and to avoid any form of rejection it is better that you are true to facts. If you conceal any information it may jeopardize the claim process and lead to a scenario of distress. Even if you are not a frequent smoker it has to be mentioned in the application form.

Due to the rigorous competition among the insurance companies they have gone on to become vigil when they disperse claim to the customers.  People are often known to ignore health insurance and take their life to be granted. If you are a smoker who is facing any issues with your health you need to understand the impact of health insurance before it is too late.

What is going to be the case if all of a sudden you experience symptoms and there is no health insurance. Before anything else make a honest disclosure to your insurance provider as you will be asked to go through a series of medical tests. The moment you purchase a health insurance you need to wait for the pre-existing period. But it is going to be of immense benefit in the long run.

Care Insurance is one company that addresses your health care needs. It is going to reduce the waiting period from 48 months to 28 months. If you require immediate coverage you can purchase critical illness to be taking care of any medical insurance that you require.

How insurance companies are going to find out that you smoke?

An insurance company has an objective of questioning the people about their habits. They are going to ask you about your smoking habits or whether you have consumed tobacco in the last 6 months or so. There is no penalty of concealing ay information but the practice is not a legitimate one.

The company may suggest that you opt for a medical test if you are a smoker. Any traces of nicotine in found in your blood, saliva or urine and based on those parameters your premium is determined. Smoking turns out to be a cause of critical diseases and it is something that you need to deal with it at the earliest. If it is undented it is going to lead to something major.

By concealing the habits it may turn out to be a major burden for a policy holder. For anyone who is suffering from critical diseases coping up with such challenges is an everyday challenge.