There has never been a generation more aware of their lifestyles than young people today. Millennials in particular are more willing to make positive changes in their lives and hold the rest of us accountable for our bad decisions. There’s a lot we can learn about the youth of today, and by studying their attitudes toward health and lifestyle, we could all learn a thing or two.

1. Millennials want the truth

Millennials are the most hyper-aware generation that has ever existed. One of the main drivers of the healthiest way of living and eating is because Millennials are demanding transparency. They want to know the sources and ingredients for everything, and they want to know that it’s ethical. That, in turn, benefits the rest of us.

2. Millennials like to customize

Millennials don’t want the same thing that everyone else has. They want something that suits them. Millennials are standing up for themselves by saying that if they have to pay for something, it’s going to be something they want. You can customize nearly anything these days, including food, services and even exercise. Even your running pace can be customized, using Millennials aren’t settling for just anything anymore.

3. Millennials are connected

The millennial generation is often called the “C” generation, which stands for “connected.” This is because the younger generation has grown up with technology around them constantly. Information is simply available to them at all times. Online, we can find everything we need. In fact, even just searching for healthy living blogs gives millions of results. It’s no wonder the millennial generation is the healthiest yet!

4. Millennials are motivated

There’s never been a more motivated generation than Millennials, and to be fair, the rest of us haven’t really given them any choice. Today’s younger generation are taking the initiative to look after their wellbeing. They are also paying top dollar to achieve their best health and lifestyle balance. Yoga and fitness can be expensive endeavors, but Millennials are charging ahead full steam to make sure that they’re living their best selves.

5. Millennials have personal responsibility

One of the best characteristics of young people today is that they’re extremely conscious of their impact on the world around them. We have lived for centuries without really realizing that what we have been doing to our world is causing it to die. Millennials have seized the opportunity to start correcting the damage that has been done. This is their planet – they will be the ones to have to live here long after the older generation has gone, and they are looking after it accordingly.

The influence of Millennials on the world around them and the way the market responds to them is a tremendous opportunity for our world to start healing from all the damage we have put it through. Regardless of whether this is a short term phenomenon or if they will effect a change that will last for a long time to come, it’s no secret that Millennials are going to bring us closer to a healthier way of life through their awareness.