Working out in the morning can be tough. When you’ve got a long day of work or school ahead of you, getting up an hour early to work out can seem impossible. As the infographic below outlines, there are so many reasons why working out in the morning is good for you and it may surprise you to know that the benefits are not just for fitness.

Morning exercise helps us in lots of different ways. Recent studies highlighted that those who work out in the morning before they start their day feel more energised and less stressed for the rest of the day. The problem for most of us is getting the motivation to continue to be an early riser. Once you start, you may never stop.

The key to motivating yourself is to remember all the benefits to getting your workout done in the morning – you’ve got more free time in the evenings, gyms are less crowded and you’ll be more alert at work or school. Let’s find out more about how we can become morning workout people!


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