Your immune system is a complex matrix of cells and systems that works cohesively to guard your body against illness. Whether you succumb to germs often or get tired easily, nutrition plays an important part in it. 

The body’s natural defense system against bacteria, viruses that causes disease, is the immune system that works effectively while promoting cellular repair. One of the key players in fighting the infections off are white blood cells, which travel through your body to promote combat against the invader. So, you have to make sure and promote them so they have the ability to do there part! In doing so, you can consume the best herbs for the immune system to help the immune system do the work it was designed to accomplish.

The consequences of doing nothing to boost your immune system can lead to sickness and your inability to remain healthy.  So guard your body to ensure it performs accordingly! Here are six things you can practice every day to protect your immune system.

  1. Eat a Healthy Diet

Vitamin C is one of the richest supplements when it comes to staving off a cold or viruses. Antioxidants also offer great support to the immune system, as these work to reduce cell death and promote the development of white blood cells which are the key to destroying harmful bacteria. 

Antioxidants also play a major part in mending damaged DNA and boosting the repair of cells. They work to neutralize the damaged DNA and reduce their negative response. Obtaining quality antioxidants through food is one of the best possible ways for you to enhance your immunity. You can add in coffee, green tea, apples, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, berries, and other healthy options to your daily intake. 

  1. Keep Stress Away

Constant stress leads to unhealthy cortisol. The body relies on hormones like cortisol during the short-term bouts of stress. In which cortisol provides a positive effect of actually preventing the immune system from responding before the stressful event is over. 

However, if the cortisol levels are constantly high, it will naturally bar the immune system from hitting into gear and performing its job to defend the body against any potential issues. 

So to prevent such thing from happening it is best for you to know what works to keep stress away. Try out things like journaling, meditation, exercise or any activity like painting or fishing. Make sure to do at least one of the stress bursting activities per day. Start by setting five minutes aside for each day and you’ll begin to reduce those stress levels which should have positive results in your life.

  1. Good Quality Sleep

A night of good quality sleep provides you with several benefits including boosting the immune system. This is because your body heals and regenerates itself while you sleep. 

In particular, sleep is a time when your body builds and distributes key immune cells like cytokines and T-cells which are beneficial to your body.

But if you don’t get the proper amount of sleep at night, your immune system may not do these things well, performing less and it won’t be able to protect your body against toxic invaders. Therefore, it is really essential to have a good night’s sleep.

  1. Exercise Regularly

If you keep your body moving the circulation of white blood cells increases and the chances of developing chronic disease decreases. Exercise also boosts the release of endorphins which is a great way to manage stress. 

The benefit of killing sickness causing pathogens can be harnessed with regular exercise which increases the heartbeat and body temperature. There is a wealth of evidence with studies showing people that are active overall tend to have lower incidences of both acute illnesses and chronic illnesses.  When you exercise for at least an hour at a high intensity it causes a spike in hormones that work to further help the immune system. And, if you suffer from sore muscle aches and pains afterword, there is always a remedy for reducing these aches and pains like Zen-Alleve. This natural product like other natural remedies for sore muscles is favorable to your immune system too. 

Hence, if you are starting to feel low, a little exercise may help you!

  1. Cut Down Alcohol

Alcohol is made with a lot of sugar which is not healthy for the body. When you consume alcohol, you are also intaking sugar which is a major factor in reducing the body’s ability to produce white blood cells. As a result, you become more susceptible to viruses or germs. 

In the long term, alcohol can severely jeopardize immune cell function, making your body more sensitive to disease. So, it’s best if you cut down your alcohol consumption with a glass of water or better yet, just limit how much you drink in a week’s time.

  1. Consume Immune-boosting Supplements

Consume the best herbs for the immune system to get the prime results you need to help your immune system. Supplements like vitamin D, Glutamine, vitamin C, Zinc, and Echinacea are helpful in promoting good health to your body. 

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In these times, there are also a few stand-out immune support herbs that are excellent choices.  Elderberry, taken in either gummy or capsule forms like Elderberry Immune Delux or Emergency Immune Support with elderberry and vitamin C is great for building up the immune system.  Each of these suggested supplements has it’s own individual perk such as Vitamin D promotes bone health and plays a major role in regulating calcium. Glutamine is an amino acid that aids to feed your gut and enhances the recovery of cells and supports immunity. Replenishing vitamin C levels when you are feeling run-down is an excellent way to support lowered energy levels. 

Taking care of your immune system with these types of herbs are beneficial for your body, and overall immune system. 

Summing Up,

If you are able to manage yourself with the help of the above guide, you will be able to fight the infections and viruses that will undoubtedly attack your immune system. It’s recommended that you keep up with the medications, daily exercise, and work on developing healthy habits to ensure that the diseases your body can succumb to, remain at bay. Your immune system will thank you for it.