Since everyone wants the best products to enhance their hair’s health for a longer period, so the supermarkets are being flooded with new hair care products developed using advanced technology, and revolutionized hair care formulas to suit the growing demand. These are organic shampoos that are developed using natural ingredients grown without chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and thus the organic shampoos have absolutely no chemical exposure.

If you are aware of the immense benefits of organic hair care products, you must be willing to buy one. But with several viable options available in the market, you might get confused. So, here are some tips to assist you in buying the best organic shampoo that will fulfill all your demands.

The Hair Issues You Want To Resolve

If you are specifically targeting a hair problem and looking for shampoo to deal with it, then you can narrow down your search considerably by only going for organic shampoo that contains your required ingredients and helps to treat that particular hair issue such as,

·   If you are tired of losing strands of hair every time you comb or wash them, or if you want to thicken your delicate hair, you should go for an organic shampoo whose label promises to strengthen your hair’s roots. Look for lavender- based shampoos, or go for one which has a combination of biotin, as the pair works wonders and significantly reduces hair fall.

·   If you are into too much hairstyling, then shifting to chemical-free shampoos is the best choice, as Biologika products are hair-friendly and cause no side-effects. You can go for organic shampoos which contain cooling ingredients like coconut oil to neutralize the damaging and heating effects of heating hair styling products, hair sprays, extensions, etc.

·   Also, for a healthy and well-nourished scalp, a shampoo comprised of ingredients like tea tree oil, green tea, or Aloe Vera is the best choice as it has healing properties and can easily treat a flaky and dry scalp.

Ingredients of the Organic Shampoo

Another important factor to look into while buying organic shampoos is to check for its constituent ingredients. Search for the ingredients which you feel are the best suitable for your hair, and cut out the ones you may be allergic to. This will considerably help to narrow down your search.

If you are not sure, you can also go for common and popular ingredients that ensure your hair’s overall health. For example, Aloe Vera helps to prevent dandruff, and strengthens and moistures your hair follicles.

Shampoo According to Your Hair Type

Whether it is dry, normal, or oily, your hair type and the kind of care it requires primarily determine which commercial shampoo you would be buying; however that’s not the case with organic hair care products. Most organic shampoos are universal and are developed such that they suit the needs of almost all hair types. But, to be on the safer side, always check if the shampoo’s label reads “suitable for all hair types” or something similar. You can also read reviews and read about its constituents and benefits to be entirely sure of your choice.

Although organic shampoos are considered universal, always be cautious about the quality of the product before you invest. Sometimes maybe the shampoo best suited for your thick hair might not be able to work its magic on your sister’s colour-treated hair.


These are a few tips you can refer to before you go on buying your most suitable organic shampoo. However, these tips are not all and do not necessarily apply to all. So, it’s recommended that you first undergo a comprehensive assessment to find a shampoo depending on your hair’s health conditions and your lifestyle.

Also, using organic shampoos regularly twice or thrice a week can guarantee you strong, shiny, and healthy hair for long.