Making the decision for the best holiday destination is not easy due to numerous options available. How to choose a perfect destination for your next wellness holiday? My advice – look for places with less polluted air, amazing natural wonders for enjoyable environment setting, unspoiled land and secluded beaches for relaxation and rejuvenation, a suitable climate for your outdoor activities, and resorts that provide spa retreats and healthy food for your health and wellbeing. Let’s discover a few amazing destinations that make them ideal for wellness travel.

  1. Switzerland

Switzerland is a country with the cleanest air in the world after Iceland. This is a land of mountains, lakes, forest and car-free villages. Connect with nature, relax and unwind in a beautiful natural environment. The first thermal spa resort was opened in Switzerland 2000 years ago. This country is a proven wellness destination with spa resorts that provide retreats utilizing power of nature, thermal mineral water and mud. Take a forest bathing, swim in a thermal mineral water pool, float in brines (concentrating mineral salt water similar to Dead Sea water), take retreats with a variety of offered massages and visit modern fitness facilities.

There are endless opportunities for all winter and summer outdoor activities. Switzerland has a rich culture, a variety of festivals and events all year round. All these combinations make the country an ideal destination for a healthy holiday for families, group or solo travellers.

  1. Hawaii

Do you wonder what makes Hawaii different from other places in the world? It is its history, culture, nature, and the aloha spirit. Hawaii offers unlimited possibilities for watersport lovers – snorkeling and scuba diving, windsurfing and surfing, kayaking and paddling, cruising and sailing. Hiking and horseback riding, cycling and golfing, camping and ziplining, tennis, parasailing, fishing and swimming are available in this paradise. Hawaii is a perfect vacation destination for any budget and fitness level.

This unique health and wellness destination also well-known as the healing islands. Treat and balance your soul, body and spirit in one of the spa resorts. Hawaii is the place where you can relax at beautiful landscape, explore the spectacular nature and cultural heritage. Get unique experiences unlike any others on the earth walking through the 500-year old lava tube, walking on green or black sand-colored beaches, watching whales, dolphins, the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, or the world’s most active Kilauea volcano. The options are endless.

  1. Malaysia

The country attracts travelers with its rich cultural heritage, climate, jungles and Taman Negara National Park – the oldest rainforest in the world, the amazing sea underwater world with many the best in the world diving and snorkeling sites, beautiful tropical islands with white beaches, fantastic local cuisines, and a variety opportunities for adventure and active travel. You have the opportunities to swim with sharks, tropical fish and turtles, cruise through pristine jungle along the river, visit misty tea plantations, explore underground caves, hike through Cameron Highlands, clime the Mount Kinabalu in Borneo, visit Langkawi – Malaysian’s best-known holiday destination of 99 islands in the Andaman sea. There are many things to do and see for everyone. Malaysia offers a wide variety of accommodations for every type of traveler from budget hotels to luxurious resorts with modern facilities.

Consider one of these destinations for your next holiday and get unforgettable travel experience!


Lidiya Gorodivska is a certified well-being travel specialist. She promotes health through travel and offers a variety of health and wellness vacation packages for travelers and works with wellness specialists who are interested in creating wellness vacation packages with their own unique programs. Also, she works with business owners and HR specialists who want to boost employees’ productivity and reduce their stress with wellness vacations. Visit to learn about health and wellness travel, travel destinations, available vacation packages, tours and cruises.

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