There are many different types of CBD products available on the market today. Among the creams, patches, and oils are edibles.  CBD in edible form also has a long list of different types, each one designed to satisfy different tastes among the diners. 

One of the more popular and easily digested edibles is the delta 8 THC gummies. These are not only yummy, but they are also portable and can be taken anywhere. No need to fill a pipe or roll a smoke, these pops in your mouth and give you all the benefits of the delta-8 you are looking for. 

What Are CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are similar to the traditional gummy candies, only they contain various strengths of cannabidiol or CBD oils. Similar to regular candies, CBD gummies come in a rainbow of colors, shapes, and flavors, as well as different concentrations of CBD. Gummies, like regular candies, offer a discreet way to obtain your daily dose of THC without affecting those people around you like with smoking. 

Strength and Purity Will Vary

The Food and Drug Administration or FDA does not currently approve CBD products. Because they are not FDA approved, CBD gummies will vary widely in strength and purity. Therefore, the variations will even be found within the same brands and recipes. This means you may not be getting the strength you are paying for. It is important to purchase CBD gummies, as well as all your CBD products, from a reputable seller. 

Choosing CBD Gummies on Taste

The taste of most CBD gummies can be extremely bitter. To combat that fact, a lot of manufacturers add an enormous amount of sugar, hoping to disguise the bitterness. You will need to perform a trial of different gummies to find the one or two you like and can tolerate. Some sellers of CBD gummies will offer a sample pack so you can try the different varieties and strengths before committing to the one or two you really like.  

Benefits of CBD Gummies

There is not as much research on the benefits of CBD gummies as there are on many of the other types of CBD delivery systems. The reason for this is most research has been done on pure CBD, which means the cannabinoid is not diluted or distributed within other ingredients. 

The main benefit of CBD gummies is in the delivery system. They are convenient and discreet, and depending on the strength, can be helpful with general anxiety, depression, pain, and inflammation. There are only anecdotal data available on the effects of CBD gummies, which tells us that some of the information could be gleaned from those who experienced a placebo effect. This means that the individuals that claim CBD gummies are more helpful than they are doing so because they read information about the benefits and are hoping they work for them as well.  

CBD Gummies Legality

Marijuana-based CBD products are illegal on a federal level, but hemp-based CBD products are illegal on a state level. Of course, this rule can vary depending on the actual state laws, so it is best to look into the laws before purchasing CBD gummies.