Sports are an essential part of our daily lives. Every person, no matter what age, gender, or nationality has played some sport at some point in his/her life. Playing sports has its own added advantages. It not only ensures physical fitness but also improves hand-eye coordination, body posture, mental well being and much more. This pandemic has kept us in one space with restricted movement. But with upcoming technologies, accessing sports has become much easier. Each sport demands a variety of skill sets from its players. With proper use of the best equipment, playing sports one loves is much safer and less challenging.

Importance of the right sports gear.

The right sports equipment not only ensures better efficiency but also ensures safety. Without the right sports equipment, a small sports game might end up in a hospital visit. Whatever sports one plays, keeping yourself out of danger should be your priority. The national governing body for sports of every country lays down specific safety and equipment guidelines for each sport. Every player while playing any sport must consider these guidelines. All the necessary and compulsory equipment should be used regardless of whether the sport is played professionally, casually, or just for fun.

How does sports equipment affect injuries and biomechanics?

A Lot of research has gone into proving that an athlete’s body works differently with and without equipment. Their entire body moves differently. It has been proven that holding or carrying any sports equipment in a certain way affects the biomechanics of the athlete’s body in many different ways. In research, athletes were asked to do cutting moves with and without any equipment in their hand. It was found that with equipment, the athlete’s body put a greater load on the knee abductors.

6 tips to choose the right sports gear:

1. Understand your needs:

Sometimes a good deal or fancy advertising almost pushed the consumer to pull the trigger immediately. Don’t let that mistake happen to you. There are key pointers you should always remember before buying any sports equipment. Don’t wait until the purchase. Some people might be taking up a sport for leisure or to achieve their fitness goals. In both ways, it’s always better to start exercising regularly before buying that equipment. This ensures that you have the correct physical and mental discipline to use the product you purchase.

2, Do your research:

Before buying any sports equipment, you can’t weigh down how important doing your research is! Like if you are playing baseball you need to look at Gathering information about the sports equipment helps you analyze what product is best for you. This is always better than just purchasing what everyone else is using. Following the trend is never the best idea while buying sports equipment. Consider the brand and list out its products and various other factors. Before that, consider brainstorming on why you are choosing this brand and why this product. This will help you maintain rationality while making the purchase.

3. Budget:

Dishing out all your savings into one piece of sports equipment is probably not the best idea. You will end up with an amazing product and a hole in your pocket! (not desirable at all!). Make a range of prices you are willing to pay to buy this product. Always remember that sports equipment is available for ALL price ranges. You can choose the best brand in your available budget. Having a number in your mind will help you not to irresponsibly increase your budget just because a new product is available in the market (Remember that new products are always going to be available. That doesn’t mean you need to buy them.).

4. Test it out:

Now if you are buying your product online, then you may want to read this twice. Physical stores have a much greater advantage than online retailing. You have the power to test out the product in all ways possible before making a final deal. On the contrary, while purchasing anything online, you will not get to test the product until it has been delivered to your doorstep.

5. Be Realistic:

Always get to know what to expect from the product you are purchasing. This helps you plan your fitness journey ahead of time. If you know what you like, then it is easier for you to choose sports equipment. So before hitting that sports store around your corner, sit back, relax and think about what you expect and what you want. Entering a store without any idea will just make you more confused and you might end up wasting money. Some product is made for everyone out there. So don’t be discouraged or banter yourself for being too choosy.

6 Comfort:

This is one of the most important factors that many forget to entertain. You might be getting a 50% off on your latest sports shoes. But you might also realize later on that they might not be as comfortable as you expected. Comfort not only ensures safety but also a better performance at whichever sport you play. You should be able to control the equipment and not let the equipment control you. You cannot miss out on that one product that is going to make your sports session a worthy one. Comfort over conquest is what you should aim for in your equipment.


Taking up a new sport can always be overwhelming. Whether it’s the pressure to perform well or the pressure to purchase the right equipment, taking decisions in haste never helps. One should always keep in the mind the above tips before sealing the deal. What’s better than playing a happy game on a happy day! Everyone’s sports journey is different but what matters is perseverance and the ability to never give up. With time your equipment can always be updated. Sports are an investment in yourself. So don’t think of this as a purchase, rather think of it as an investment towards a longer life span, better health, better skin and a better you! Happy Hunting!