Many people spend a lot of money on weight loss programs every year, yet obesity rates continue to increase. The truth is that not all weight loss programs work and finding a weight loss program that suits your needs can be quite challenging.

Before you choose any program out there, make sure that you visit a weight loss clinic in San Ramon, CA, and talk to your trusted weight loss doctor about your ambitions. He/she will guide you on what to do and the best programs that will help you achieve your weight loss target. Generally, a good weight loss program will have the following features:

Prioritizes Safety

A good weight loss program will encourage you to stay in contact with your health provider, who will be evaluating your overall health status from time to time. Your healthcare provider will assess your health status before you get started and keep check of your progress. He/she may also provide you with precautions if need be.

Strikes Balance between Your Diet and Exercise Regime

You will most certainly have to change your diet and exercise routine to achieve significant weight loss. Therefore, you need to avoid weight loss programs that subject you to strict dieting rules or inflexible workout routines.

A good weight loss program should incorporate a wide range of foods and even allow you the freedom to enjoy a treat once in a while. Developers of such programs understand the fact that moderation is the key to success.

Promises Realistic Outcomes

Something like “lose 30 pounds in two weeks” may catch your eyes, but the truth is that permanent and sustainable weight loss happens at a relatively slow rate. Consider such tag lines as a red flag.

Most people tend to lose between one and two pounds of their weight per week, and there is a long-term follow-up to ensure that you do not gain weight again after losing it.

Is Affordable

Many weight loss programs require you to attend meetings or purchase prepared meals that contain all the essential nutrients for your body. If you notice that you cannot reasonably afford to pay the cost of the weight loss program, then it may not be the right option for you in the long run. Remember the fact that you do not have to go broke to lose weight.

Advocates for Regular Physical Exercise

We cannot deny the fact that regular physical exercise is the cornerstone of losing excess weight and staying fit. It is also an excellent way of improving your mood, counteracting emotional eating, and boosting your brainpower. Therefore, a quality weight loss program must encourage you to find suitable ways of making physical activity part of your daily life.


A quality weight loss program must have accredited providers who understand what it takes to lose weight. The program should be executed by experienced and registered dieticians for healthy eating plans, certified fitness coaches, and general health professionals that will be monitoring your progress.

It should also have licensed medical professionals such as registered nurses and licensed psychologists. Working with experienced professionals will boost your confidence and increase your chances of success.

Avoid programs that are run by one or two individuals who claim to know everything. Some of them may end up recommending unhealthy ways of losing weight that may cause severe health complications in the long run.